Boston, MA Office Plant Design Service & Maintenance

Hayes | MDaudit

Hi Joe,
I want to let you know how pleased I am with Brian Guilfoyle’s outstanding service. He has gone way above and beyond for us as we planned for our BOD meeting. I met him in our office this morning at 7am to complete half the installation of plants (all we had time to install before the meeting). He has been nothing but a huge help throughout this process. I know he is so busy, but when he is working with me, you would think Hayes is his only concern.

You are so lucky to have someone so dedicated to his customers representing PlantScape Design!
And, the wall looks beautiful! It will make a big impact as visitors (and our Board of Directors) enter the new space for the first time. I am recommending your company to our design firm, Leslie Saul and Associates. 

Thank you!

Vice President, People Strategies
Hayes | MDaudit

Holly Condon, Phoenix Tissue Repair

“We are overcrowded here in this particular office. We do not have the floor space for plants, just cubicles. These top-mounted planter boxes with assorted species of interior green plants add to the beauty of our office place and do not take up much room! However, our lobby displays the latest planter designs PDI can offer.”
– Holly Condon, Phoenix Tissue Repair

Mullen Lowe, 40 Broad Street, Boston MA

Mullen Lowe, recognized among the elite and most innovative marketing organizations in the world, utilizes Plantscape Design Inc’s services in their Boston office.

 Mullen is a high tech interior design office workplace. Metal stairways and conference rooms abound. Hard tile surfaces. Black marble counters in each meeting room and drawing design centers. We needed some softness here and there throughout. Joe Gallo’s interior plants did it for us.
— Christine Macchi, Office/Benefits Supervisor, Mullen Lowe – Boston, MA

Strategic Workspaces, 40 Broad Street, Boston MA

Strategic Workspaces, a leader in prefabricated architectural products for interior spaces, also offers a full range of furniture solutions for their clients. One of the installations that Plantscape Designs, Inc. provided for them was a living green wall. Living walls, also known as a vertical gardens or ecowalls, are panels of plants which are grown vertically on either free-standing structures or attached to walls. The benefits of living walls far outweigh just their visual appeal as they also reduce noise levels, remove toxins from the air, and increase worker satisfaction.

 This living wall has been well received by our building’s tenants.
— Maureen Burke, Controller, Strategic Workspaces – Boston, MA