Enhancing Your Built Environment with Sustainable Solutions

Plantscape Designs has been transforming Boston’s interior spaces for nearly half a century.

Lift Your Mood & Improve Productivity

Our interior plant displays don’t just add aesthetic value, they reduce stress, absorb ambient noise, and improve productivity.

Let Nature Work for You

Plants function as part of a natural botanical lab by absorbing air pollutants that support their growth and releasing oxygen that improves air quality for a building’s occupants.

Interior Landscape Design

The team at Plantscape Designs is built of trained horticulturalists and designers. Our team works with clients to achieve beautiful designs that work for each client.

Office Plant Maintenance

Plants not only make co-workers and customers feel at ease, but also reduce stress and minimize employee sick days. See what Plantscape Designs can do for your office space. Get started today!

Office Holiday Decorating

When the holidays arrive, Plantscape Designs goes beyond the standard poinsettia and Christmas tree. Our festive, creative, and sustainable displays will lift spirits.

Specials & Flowering Plant Programs

Plantscape Designs aims to service clients of all sizes and representing all industries. To make our services accessible to a range of clients, we offer an introductory special for ONLY $99.

Welcome to Plantscape Designs, Inc.

Excellence In Office Plant Design Service: Stoneham, The North Shore & Greater Boston

Welcome to Plantscape Designs. Located in Stoneham, MA, we are the Greater Boston Area’s expert office plant design service team and interior landscapers. We are dedicated designers with a passion for enhancing the lifestyle of Greater Boston residents, both at home and at the office. Our team of designers, biologists, horticulturalists, and botanists believe that we can improve our health and mood by injecting nature into built environments. Urban businesses are realizing that nature has been proven to impact our wellbeing, resulting in reduced stress and increased productivity at work. Indoor plants have thus become increasingly popular in modern interior design. Plant life indoors can improve air quality as well as acoustics. Office plant design services are vital to businesses throughout Stoneham, Burlington, the North Shore, and the Greater Boston area.

Responding to this consumer demand for nature-driven health and happiness at home and in the workplace, Plantscape Designs aims to enhance built environments by means of carefully designed and curated indoor greenery. Our range of services includes routine maintenance of office plants, design of indoor living walls of greenery, and event decorating. Our office plant design team serves Stoneham, Burlington, Boston, Cambridge, Woburn, Waltham, Lexington, Needham, Wellesley, Newton, Peabody, Danvers, Billerica, and surrounding Greater Boston towns.

“Providing excellent services for corporate interior plant and vegetation solutions for over 40 years.”
What Our Customers Think Of Us

– Holly, Covidien – Bedford, MA

“The interior landscape design effects of Plantscape Designs Inc. has transformed our working conditions immensely for a better, healthier environment!”

– Jennifer LaBranche, Regional Facility Manager, Microsoft Corporation, Cambridge MA

“We have a unique office space here. Our staff is very intelligent and health oriented; when they read about the benefits of office plants and clean air report from NASA, they wanted these interior office plants even more.”

– Christine Macchi, Office/Benefits Supervisor, Mullen Lowe – Boston, MA

“Mullen is a high tech interior design office workplace. Metal stairways and conference rooms abound. Hard tile surfaces. Black marble counters in each meeting room and drawing design centers. We needed some softness here and there throughout. Joe Gallo’s interior plants did it for us.”

– Bob Roche, President and CEO, Tegra Medical, Franklin, MA

“Our facility for manufacturing medical devices has a factory atmosphere. PDI’s green plants accent our lobby, halls, and café and make our workplace more pleasant to work and build our much-needed technology.”

– Kelly’s Roast Beef, Danvers, MA

“Since we opened this latest branch of Kelly’s Roast Beef we’ve had nothing but compliments about our food and interior ambience; the green plants play a major part in that pleasant dining experience.”


Check out Joe Gallo’s blog, the owner of PDI, for new posts on horticulture and design trends featured by Plantscape Designs.