Plantscape Designs’ founder and owner Joe Gallo, in addition to serving the clients of Plantscape Designs, is a prolific researcher and author. In 2010, he wrote, “101 Plantcare Tips for Your Interior Plantscape.” He also enjoys educating current and prospective clients as well as general plant enthusiasts by means of frequent blog posts. Read below for the most recent articles.

Why Use Orchids in Your Waltham, MA. Office Reception Area?

Phalaeonopsis Orchids 1. Phalaeonopsis orchids are still the rage in reception areas in the Boston Financial District to the technological highway of Route 128. With this new lighter purple color these long lasting flowers are an investment over expensive cut...

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Interior Office Flowering Plant Programs Westford, MA

Interior Office Flowering Plant Programs  Westford, MA Plantscape Designs Inc. values the usage of all varieties of long lasting economical potted flowering plants verses short term expensive cut flowers within Your Corporate Offices Westford MA Pink Rieger Begonia...

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Office plants & Photosynthesis , what is that? Boston, MA

Photosynthesis is the photoelectric effect of photons (light energy from the sun) transformed into chemical energy within the framework of a green plants leaf chloroplasts.Your office plants produce oxygen to further make your workplace healthier.From the stand point...

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