Specials & Flowering Plant Programs

Special Offer

$99 Introductory Maintenance Special Take advantage of our great way to start on a path to enhancing your office environment with live, green plants. Our $99 introductory maintenance special includes weekly service for only $99.00 a month, when you purchase four floor plants and two tabletop plants in our contemporary cylinder containers, for your reception, conference room and/or common area for a limited time only! Please feel free to contact us or call our Plantscape Designs team at 781-279-0032.

Flowering Plant Programs

Plantscape Designs’ Flowering Plant Programs provide an effective and cost-effective solution to regularly freshen your space in ways that energize and excite those who spend time in it. Depending on the program, Plantscape Designs will periodically rotate your indoor flowering plants so that your display is simply stunning throughout the year. Potted flowering plants are typically one-third the cost of cut flowers and last much longer, so signing up for one of our Boston indoor flowering plant rotation programs is a smart economical choice for your business. Take a look at our various programs and some examples of the flowers that we provide; contact us if you’d like to sign up for a program, or if you have any questions.

Weekly or Bi-Weekly Flowering Plant Rotation Program

Our Flowering Plant Rotation Service in Boston and eastern Massachusetts offers a planned program of flowering plants rotated throughout the year and delivered to you on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, depending on your preference. We offer a wide variety of potted plants throughout the year that includes azaleas, bromeliads, kalanchoes, calandivas, mums, hydrangeas and so many more. A few of our selections are shown below:
  • African Violet
  • Bromeliads / Neoregelia
  • Colorful highlight flowering program
  • Kalenchoe
  • Black Calla Lily

Monthly Orchid Program

Our Monthly Orchid Program is an elegant and economical way to add a splash of color to your reception area and/or conference rooms. Each month a beautiful double-stemmed phalaenopsis orchid reflecting the colors of the season is delivered to your office by one of our Plantscape Designs staff.

Monthly Living Arrangement Program

Our Monthly Living Arrangement Program is another effective and economical way to add a splash of color to your reception area and/or conference rooms. Plantscape Designs’ indoor flowering plant arrangements are the best in Boston because we pay attention to our clients wishes and always hand select each flower. Each month a beautiful arrangement of either a double-stemmed phalaenopsis orchid and/or bromeliad together with colorful potted flowers and greens reflecting the colors of the season is delivered to your office in a beautiful container by one of our Plantscape Designs staff.

Bi-Monthly Bromeliad Program

We offer a bi-monthly bromeliad program for interior offices needing some colorful flowering plants as well. These beautiful potted flowers can be used in many different ways in your office to add a splash of color in a single container or to add color in an existing planter bed of live, green plants and are long lasting. Get the most beautiful indoor flowering plants in the Boston area with the Plantscape Design rotation programs!

Monthly Mini Flower Program

This monthly potted flower program is another way to add cheer throughout your office space. We offer a 4-inch potted flower, succulent, or green plant each month that is placed in a designer Lechuza Mini-Cube container that will match the color of the other containers throughout your office. This Mini Flower Program is a wonderful and economical way to bring a smile to your staff members. These containers can be placed almost anywhere in your office to add a little happiness.