The difficult economy can effect your employees on many different levels. One of the solutions Plantscape Designs In. can offer your company is relatively simple and inexpensive — live, green plants. It has been scientifically proven that healthy, green plants in your office boosts employee morale and helps keep employees healthy by cleaning the air of carcinogens. Consider our recession package below and let Plantscape help you to help your employees.
Plan One :

1. 9 or fewer table/floor (5 table, 4 (3-4 ft. tall) floor) plants in our contemporary powdered steel-finish containers for $199/per month.

Plan Two:
2. 4 (5 – 6 ft. tall) plants/trees in our comtemporary powdered steel-finish containers for $149 per month.

Plan Three:
3. 5 plants (two table, three (3-4 ft tall) floor) plants and one orchid for the reception area in our comtemporary powdered steel-finish containers for $199 per month.

Testimonials Barrings Corporate office Boston

“Our interior office plants and flowers by Plantscape Designs Inc staff has transformed our workplace environment into a more friendly pleasant healthier corporate meeting arewa for both our employees and clients.”

Victoria Smith

office manager

Boston Massachusetts

Testimonials ABCAM/ Boston Massachusetts

“Plantscape Designs inc has transformed our lab and pharma manufacturing facility into a more pleasant natural biophilic workplace.”

Karen Snow

facility coordinator

Boston Massachusetts

Recession Package Sale On Now

Sale On Now $149.00/ month Recession Interior LAndscaping Package

Joe Gallo

Brian Guilfoyle contact 781.632.4475