“I sincerely want to thank you and your staff for your superior customer service. As you know, initially I engaged another plant service for leasing and maintaining plants in our new office. His lower price swayed me to him, even though I believed your organization to be more professional .

My decision soon proved to be the wrong one. The adage ‘ you get what you pay for’ is appropriate here. With plants dying due to neglect and swarms of Fungus gnats everywhere from these plants, I remembered you and PDI. You were extremely sympathetic to my situation and even waived the normally required deposit for new accounts. After I canceled our unacceptable plant service, you hD NEW ONES INSTALLED THE NEXT DAY, WHICH WAS IMPORTANT FOR US because we had a big client in the office that day. You also treated all the plants for bugs at no charge, and now we are happily ‘gnat – free’.

I can’t thank you enough for saving us from what had become an unmanageable situation. Your service has continually been excellent: when a tree in the general manager’s office was dying, you replaced it right away without any hassle. You take a proactive approach, and it has made us very loyal customers and supporters of your business.

I am very satisfied with your service and would be pleased to offer an unconditional recommendation on your behalf to any of your future clients .”


Mary E Lind office manager

Boston Offices Green Plants

Joe Gallo


Brian Guilfoyle contact 781.632.4475