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They also store energy and food for the plant. They provide stability. 

Plants grow in a balanced way, as they make new roots, new leaves form. If roots are not encouraged to grow, no new foliage will occur. In 90 percent of cases, plant failure can be attributed to lack of healthy roots or to root damage. Roots can be damaged in many ways: roots suffocate in soggy compacted soil, roots die if the soil is too dry for too long, disease, etc.

The secret to healthy plants is a light, soil less potting mix to encourage actively growing roots!

 Indoor plants are tropical plants and require a different soil than in the ground here in Boston, MA . Commercial “potting soil” is ordinarily unsuitable for indoor plants. It is not reliably sterile (causing diseases and even sometimes weeds) and is too dense. The dense nature of most commercial potting soils keep roots too wet for long periods and do not encourage good root growth.

Studies have shown much more rigorous root growth in a light, soil less medium. This extra-porous formula has excellent moisture-holding capacity to provide the perfect environment for vigorous rooting. It is ideal for all kinds of potted plants – perfect for spouting seeds and for rooting cuttings. In it plants grow sturdy and strong.
You can even grow containers of annual flowers outdoors in this soil (although with this light mix you may need to add gravel or rocks in the pot to prevent the wind from blowing the pot over!) You can make “Indoor soil Mix” at home with easily available materials: 2/3 peat moss and 1/3 perlite or use sand. If the potting medium is difficult to wet at first, fill a plastic grocery bag and add one cup of hot water and seal for 24 hours.
Plantscape Designs Inc. always uses sterile loose aerated soil mix in your indoor office plants pots for proper root development and function.

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