If your office green plants are looking like this one, please do not hesitate to call us for a free estimate. Droopy green wavy leaves with brown burned tips is indicative of under watering by you or your interior plant care company. The gray that you see here in this photo, accumulated dust on the surface of this leaf can block needed light for photosynthetic activity of the entire plant. Blocked light can result in the weakening of your plant, making it more susceptible to disease that cause it to look unhealthy or even die.Plantscape Designs Inc services the Massachusetts Plantscape Interiors of the Lexington, MA area.

1.Weekly watering Services and care Lexington, MA
2.Cleaning of your indoor office plants Lexington, MA
3.Cleaning and fertilizing of your interior office corporate plants
4. Unconditional Guarantee of your interior corporate plant in conjunction with our weekly service Lexington, MA

We miss our customers. Please let us know when your offices will open and we can resume interior plant service. PDI is committed to provide safe and quality work.
We value our customers and employees that is why we will continue to follow universal precautions and CDC guidelines to ensure safe entry into your offices and keep our employees healthy.

We have been and intend to service more of our clients in these upcoming weeks and months during the Coronavirus crisis.

How are we able to do this?

Very discreetly and safely. A quick weekly visits using CDC guideline safe practices :

Two of our staff not our twenty shall water and maintain your plants
Face masks that are continually sanitized and replaced are being used daily
Use of 70% isopropyl alcohol sprayed on all our surfaces and your surfaces that we come in contact.
Use of 3% hydrogen peroxide sprayed on all our surfaces and your surfaces that we come in contact
Use of disposal latex gloves and reusable/ washable gloves
None of our staff are allowed to work if they have a fever or otherwise feel ill
Our staff are instructed to have no contact with your security nor maintenance personal
We are practicing 6 feet or more social distancing
PDI will follow CDC guidelines between your staff and ours to ensure mutual protection.

We are ready, safe and healthy!

Be Safe

Joseph R. Gallo Jr

President/ Founder

Kind regards,
Plantscape Designs Inc/ Team

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When we think of adding a colorful accent to our indoor office plants we often think about cut flowers or a flowering potted plant. Actually there is another option. Tropical foliage plants that have beautiful colored leaves. If your office has the right conditions, bright light and warm temperature, there is an unlimited selection of plants that have colorful foliage and variegated leaves. Crotons, Cordyline, Rex begonias, Stromanthe are just a few that can brighten your office with some color. We use many of these on locations in the Boston metro area. Colored leafy botanicals have unlimited plant possibilities. 


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