Spring 2021 Feng Shui
1. Spring is here early this year in our interior Boston office plants environment and with it comes the feeling of renewal and hope. If only we can align ourselves with its potential of growth and rebirth, perhaps we can change things faster!
2. Hence, In Feng Shui, spring is associated with the Wood Element. Wood represents wealth and growth which is something we all need a little more of after these past few years.
3. Thus, The Wood Element in your Boston office plants refers to a rising type of energy and is represented by a growing plant (yin Wood) or a tree (yang Wood). An indoor office plant cannot grow without water, therefore Water and Wood complement each other and both relate to wealth in Feng Shui.
4. In conclusion, we at Plantscape Designs Inc. want to contribute to this process of renewal by sharing our design knowledge with our Boston cityscape clients. In our monthly orchid arrangements we will be using bamboo bundles of wood and river rock to simulate water flow.

“We are overcrowded here in this particular office. We do not have the floor space for plants, just cubicles. These top-mounted planter boxes with assorted species of interior green plants add to the beauty of our office place and do not take up much room! However, our lobby displays the latest planter designs PDI can offer.”
– Holly Condon, Phoenix Tissue Repair

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