Pothos : Epipremnum aureum
1. Light Level: High
2. Water Level: Medium
Pothos is a very common foliage plant. Planterra uses mostly ‘Jade,’ ‘Marble Queen,’ ‘Neon,’ and ‘Golden’ varieties. They look great in hanging baskets, tabletop bowls, and as ground cover. With the proper care, they are durable, long-lasting plants.
3. Country of Origin
Southeast Asia
4. Maintenance Tips

With variegated varieties, leaf color will fade if light is too low.

Do not allow plant to sit in a saucer of water. Does very well with sippers or capillary mats.

Prune often to maintain fluffy, rounded shape growing from the center of the planter.
5. Pests and Problems
Rhizoctonia is a fungal pathogen which causes a disease with symptoms characterized as a root rot as well as an aerial blight. The entire plant and soil surface may be effected by rusty-colored minute filaments (the fungal body).
Scherotium rolfsi, also known as Southern blight, is a white cotton-like fungus, complete with an spore-like objects, on the soil surface and the stem at the soil line. The stem rots and the plant collapses.
6. Mealybug, scale, mites and Thrips.
At Plantscape Designs Inc. Boston, MA. ,we use biological predatory “cryps” Crytosantous to eradicate white fussy mealybugs . Parasitic “lace wings” are used to eliminate scale. Finally predatory mites are used to combat spider mites that feed off your indoor office plant pothos.