Here are just some narrow office plants that Plantscape Design Inc. installs in our Boston, MA office locations.

1. The tri cane dracena massangeanna is an excellent choice for low light office corners. Your office personal need not brush up against these botanicals because of their compact vertical growth patterns.

2. Our new variety plant called “tarzan ” is a cultivar of a low light dracena marginata without the red marginal markings. Easy to care for, however, more expensive because of its newness to the Boston, MA interior landscape industry.

3. The third narrow office plant called a tri marginata is a more common interior plant use by all of our interior landscapers. Low light requirements and a very inexpensive cost basis because this botanical is a very fast growing plant.

4. This compact vertical Swiss cheese philodendron is a unique different kind of green plant selection for your corporate office corners and entry ways.

5. Totem variegated philodendron as shown as our fourth indoor corporate office selection placed in tight narrow office locations can add height and color to your office.

6. Tall 6′ to 5′ dark green Lisa Canes or Michico Canes from Hawaii are our last alternative to narrow interior office plants to use in your office workplace. In between your office cubicles Lisa canes can soften the cubicle structures of your office environments as well as help clean your indoor office air.

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