Indoor office plants can be positioned outside glass walled conference room and still be viewed and enjoyed by those within the board room.

installation care design of interior green plants Wellesley MA;
Mona Loa Outside glass conference room

 1. Green Plants placed outside glass walled meeting rooms serve a double design purpose.

Often conference rooms have huge board room tables as well as numerous over powering chairs. There is little room for interior plants.Thus your interior office designed plants can be enjoyed on either side of these glass walls as shown above photo. By being on the outside of these meeting rooms plants can be esthetically viewed and appreciated from within these board rooms and not in the way of the employees.

office plant leasing and discounting of plant care service;
3′ 12″ BJ Freemon ouside glass meeting room

 2.In the above and below photos these interior office plants are located on the other side of the glass wall in a well lit reception seating area welcoming customers and employees. Positioned on either side of the couch a comfortable Feng Shui comfortable plant design awaits entering clients.

Wellesley MA office plant installations discounting
Interior office plants used on both sides of glass wall.

3. Both entering guests and board room attendees enjoy thes live green indoor plants.

4. By using inside green plant in the above manner less interior office plants are needed to enhance the beauty of your office work place and reduce your corporations monthly plant service fees.

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