Dracaena michiko is one of the world’s most sought-after dracaena hybrids. This fabulous plant is importer from Hawaii and is commonly known as Michiko cane because of its cane-like structure caused by its upright growth habit. The leaves of this plant are held tighter to its trunks. This makes the plant a perfect plant to be put in narrow or tight areas or rooms with limited available space.

Compared to Dracaena Michiko plants grown in Florida, Dracaena Michiko Hawaii have greater life expectancy because of their well-developed root systems. The large size plus a full-grown look would surely mean lower expenses to be spent on pots or decorative containers. In addition, most Dracaena Michiko plants grown from Hawaii are tall and upright or columnar thereby making them excellent choices for places with limited space or area. These reasons and more explain why Hawaii-grown Dracaena Michiko plants are more expensive than those grown in Florida.

At Plantscape designs Inc. the Michiko canes are currently being used in our downtown Boston, Ma. officescapes.