What are Crassulas? Crassulas are succulents. There are numerous species and cultivars of Crassulas. The two main forms are jadelike and stacked. Crassulas are semi arid plants , not cacti but close to it.

The plant to left is a representive of stacked species and he plant to the right a cultivar of the jadelike type.

Crassulas ,like jade plants love the sun and high light south exposure office windows.
The texture of these indoor plants is thick and hard unlike your typical tropical indoor office plants.

Jades have thick stems and form mounding, branching shrubs that can be pruned into small trees and used for bonsai.
Flowers appear midwinter through spring, borne in clusters that may be massed so profusely the plant appears blanketed with snow. The common jade ( Crassula ovata) has thumbsized, oval green leaves edged in red. Siver dollar jade (Crassula arborescens) has red edged silvery gray leaves .
PDI currently uses these foliage indoor plants at our Andover, Ma locations.