Plantscape Designs Inc. applies Dyna- Gro fertilizer 7-9-5 to all our indoor green office plants this time of year for the following reasons:

1.contains 7% nitrogen for your healthy greening of your plants by sun absorbing chlorophyll, builds amino acids, proteins, coenzymes, nucleic acids
2.contains 9% phosphate available for your plants vibrant leaf/ flower pigmentations and ATP energy chemical reaction transfer, helps build phospholipids as well as coenenzymes.
3.contains 5% soluble potash ( potassium) for your green plant coenzyme development, for protein synthesis and essential for stomatal function
4. numerous trace elements are also contained in this liquid grow plant food, which promotes healthy vibrant growth of all plants such as :boron, cobalt, Magnesium, calcium, copper, iron,manganese, molybdenum, sodium, zinc.
Plantscape Designs Inc. uses this plant food in all our N.E. plantscape locations Boston, MA.