Fresh Warnikis, ZZ Plants and Neanthe Bella Palms have arrived at our Route 128 warehouse. These low light loving plants soften your office work place cubicles and open areas. The options are unlimited.

Warneckii, Lemon-Lime
Dracaena deremensis
Light Level: Medium
Water Level: Medium
Dracaena deremensis cv. ‘Warneckii’ has stiff, tapered leaves with gray, green and white stripes. ‘Lemon Lime’ is a ‘Warneckiicultivar with more yellow and green stripes.
Country of Origin
Africa and Asia
Maintenance Tips
When D. deremensis fertility is too low or when the plant is over watered, it may develop weak color and narrow strappy leaves. Lack of phosphorus can cause a severe dieback in the middle and older foliage. Iron deficiency is common and results in severe interveinal chlorosis.
If you gently grab the third leaf back from the growing tip during the middle of the day and hold it lightly in your hand, you may be able to feel the leaf’s heat. If you can, it probably means the light and temperature are too high. You can mist the plant to reduce its temperature and move it away from the light or heat source.
These plants do well when kept on the dry side. You will find they are often in Hawaiian lava rock potting media, which helps prevent root rot. Do not allow these plants to sit in water.
D. deremensisWarneckii‘ prefer low to medium light.
ZZ Plants :
The Zamioculcas is definitely a -“What’s Up” plant. It fits just about every need of what a new indoor plant introduction should be.
Handles low light
Low water use
Tough under indoor conditions
Handles neglect well
The ZZ has been around for decades.
It is a member of the Aroid family along with the philodendron, spathiphyllum and aglaonema. You would never know it though the cardboard palm, is another Aroid.
The base of the plant stalks are swollen from which the stem host dark green, naturally shiny leaves. It’s easy to think that the plant has had leaf shine put on it. Remember, we don’t recommend leaf shine.
One rule that almost all of the BEST indoor plants have is – they grow slow. The ZZ is no exception. It is easy to propagate but develops slowly. Most of the plants are grown from leaf cuttings just as you would a jade plant.
Plants are grown in 4 inch up through 14 inch pots. Large plants can reach 3 feet in height and I have seen a very old plant of 4 foot. The average height of most of the plants grown is about 16 – 28 inches, and the plant can have a wide spread on it. It works well as an accent plant in areas where it can”spread its wings”.
Neanthe Belle is discussed in another article in more detail in our PDI BLOG.
At Plantscape all three above 3′ plants can be used under your indoor office logos, artwork or company information photos to highlight their importance.