Any one trimming their indoor office plants must always clean and sterilize with alcohol their scissors.

1.When trimming what appears to be brown or yellow spots or tips of leaves could be fungus or even viruses.
Fungus spores or virus vectors could adhere to your scissors or pruners and infect the next plant you intend to trim.
2. Like wise when trimming leaves microscopic insect eggs can also stick to your pruners or scissors, further causing contagion of insect larvae with other plants in your interior officescapes.
3.The easiest and safest method to sterilize your trimming scissors is dipping them in a 70% solution of isopropyl alcohol or soaking a clean cloth with this solution thoroughly wiping your tools of these live organisms.
4. By doing this simply procedure you and your company can save hundreds of dollars in plant replacements.
At Plantscape Designs Inc. Boston, MA we always sterilize our tools on a daily basis to eliminate costly interior office plant loss.