Snake Plant, Mother-in-laws Tongue
Sanserveria trifasciata
Light Level: Low
Water Level: Low
1. Sanserveria has long leathery strap-like leaves that grow from its underground stem (rhizome). There are several cultivars with different colorations and a dwarf form that is the “bird’s nest” Sanserveria. This is a shallow rooted plant.
2. Country of Origin :Tropical Africa, India, and Indonesia.
3. Maintenance Tips
Roots of this plant occur in the top 2 to 3 inches of soil. When using a soil probe, check at a shallow depth for moisture level. This plant is easily over watered, however, do not allow it to dry out completely.
Remove flowers before they go to seed. Remove dead plant material from the soil surface to prevent pests and diseases.
To clean leaves, moisten 2 clean sponges and sandwich the leaf between them. Gently pull the sponges upward to the tip of the leaf.
If you cut or damage the tip of a leaf, the leaf will stop growing.
4. Pests and Problems
Erwinia chrysanthemi is a disease that appears as brown or black root and crown rot, leaf spots, wilting and collapsing or plant structures, and brownish-black leaf discoloration. Erwinia infected plants should be destroyed. Commonly called Erwinia blight.
Fusarium moniliforme is a leaf spot disease that causes round, raised, rust colored lesions with yellow halos. Off-white spores appear at the growing point where the apex may rot. Other symptoms include root rot, chlorosis, and wilting.
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