Phylosticta is a bacteria that infects your common office pothos plants, scindapsus.


1. It is possible to use non-chemical approaches to avoid and control disease problems in interior officescapes.
2. Many pathogens attack interior ornamental plants. Some, like rusts, are very aggressive but may not survive if their host plant tissues are absent. Others, like Botrytis, are ubiquitous and opportunistic; they attack only physiologically-weakened plants. interior landscapers of Massachusetts can lessen the risk of disease and plant loss by reducing pathogen populations and increasing plant vigor.
3. Sanitation: It is important to remove dead plants and diseased plant parts as well as to keep the tools you use clean. Removing dead plants reduces inoculum during a growing season and removing diseased plant parts avoids unintentional spreading of a pathogen from one plant to another.
4. It is best to remove dead or severely diseased office plants from an indoor flower bed as soon as you see them; otherwise, they become sources of inoculum for disease progression. Symptomatic limbs, leaves and flowers should be pruned from plants and removed from the bed. Sterilize pruners with 70% alcohol solution regularly.
At Plantscape Designs Inc.we always sterilize our pruners and scissors with 70% alcohol, so not to infect your office plants with contagious green plant disease. Our cloths are only used in one office location at a time, never carried to another office interior green plant location, further reducing reinfection of invasive bacteria such as Phylostricta viewed here above photo.

Precautions our company will be taking to protect your employees as well as your customers. 

1.       PDI will be asking how our employee feels each day.

2.       PDI will have employee’s take temperatures each day before their respective shifts.

3.       PDI will ask employee if they have had potential exposure to Covid-19.

4.       PDI will be issuing PPE to our employees.

5.      PDI will perform any sort of Covid-19 testing on employees when they become available from our government.