1. Mutualism, is a relationship between two species of organisms in which both benefit from the association.

2. In this illustration to the left, the cellular block like structure of a typical office plant root that you may have in your interiorscape office plants has been compromised , penetrated, by a fungus species. This can be a good thing for your interior office plants.
3. Endotrophic mycorrhizae, a fungus, enter into a close relationship with your office plant root systems by means of hyphae penetrating between and into root cells. This mutualism between this two living organisms results in digestion of the fungus inside the root cells causing the enhanced growth of your plants.

4. The Endo fungi alter insoluble carbon compounds to soluble carbon compounds form for your office plant as well as changing the PH around the root producing soluble vitamins and auxin’s for a healthier office plant. The fungus gets a protected nutrient place to live safely. PDIPlantsblog.com
Plantscape Designs Inc of Boston plants, always encourages proper mutualistic relationships between your office green plants and beneficial soil fungi always enhancing the correct PH environment in your plants potting soil. Serving the Boston, MA office plant environments.