The benefit of plants

Productive Staff
Research has established that plants have a calming effect, particularly for those sitting behind a computer screen for more than 4 hours a day. Other benefits are greater concentration and increased productivity by as much as 12%.

Reduced Absenteeism
Research has proved that complaints of minor ailments, often linked to Sick Building Syndrome (ie. headaches, blocked sinuses, dry throats, coughing and skin irritations), decrease by an average of 25%, when there is interior planting.

Cleaner Indoor Air
Plants absorb toxins (VOC emissions) through their leaves and their growing medium and emit oxygen for us to breathe. Perfect recycling and environmentally friendly!

Improved Humidity
Plants return well over 90% of all the water we give them back into the atmosphere, raising humidity levels, making us more at ease.

Noise Reduction
Research has found that plants absorb noise on their resilient leaf surfaces therefore stifling noise waves.

Lower Stress Levels
Studies have shown that the physical signs of stress ie. pulse rates and blood pressures were reduced in people working in a planted area.

Conserve Energy
Plants create their own mini micro-climate around them as they absorb heat, reducing theamount of air conditioning necessary.

Source: Plants for people: PDI the most trusted name in office plantcare in the Boston Financial district.