Westborough, MA Office Plant Design Service & Maintenance

Testimonial Westborough Massachusetts / Olympus Corporation

” Thank you PDI Staff for all your good service and professional installation. Our indoor office plants look and feel healthy and esthetically pleasing both to our staff and to our clients.”

Dan Porter/ Facilities Manager

West Park Drive

Westborough Massachusetts

The Baltic Group, Westborough MA

The Baltic Group is a real estate development and management company, handling a number of properties in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. They have hired Plantscape Designs, Inc. to create and maintain the interior landscaping at their 134 Flanders Road, Westborough, MA site.

Plantscape Designs, Inc., created two symmetrical in-ground planters on either side of the entrance of the building. A Ficus Benjamina tree was placed as the center focus of the arrangement, along with grassy Liriope, round-leafed BJ Freeman and Ming Aralias (China Dolls). Because of the southern exposure of the interior gardens, these light-loving green plants do very well.

“Our in-ground planters on either side of the front entrance make a big difference with the initial appearance of this office building!”
— Colleen Hughes, Property Manager, The Baltic Group – Westborough, MA

Carrier IQ, Westborough MA

Carrier IQ is a trucking company with an office at 114 Turnpike Road in Westborough, MA. Plantscape Designs, Inc. has provided them a number of green office plants in attractive, modern containers such as the popular Lechusa Cubico planters.

“Our offices are dotted with slender modern containers with soft Seifrizii palms and erect vertical Sansevieria indoor plants making for a delightful work space.”
— Jewel Groshong, Carrier IQ – Westborough, MA