Wellesley, MA Office Plant Design Service & Maintenance

Testimonials Wellesley MA Grove Services

” I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the services provided to Grove Services of Wellesley MA.In particular, the maintenance of the plants provided by Plantscape Designs Inc. and the courtesies extended by your employees are exemplary. Your products are extremely professional and provide the environment that we , at Grove Services ,feel to be appropriate for our business.”

best regards,

Glenn Bolduc

Vice President of Finance

The Relaxing Retirement Coach, Inc., Wellesley, MA

The Relaxing Retirement Coach, Inc., provides personalized, one-on-one financial retirement coaching for their clients. Plantscape Designs, Inc., provides green and flowering plants as well as office plant maintenance services for the company.

“We are financial retirement advisors. Our offices have to appear successful, attractive, orderly, and relaxing of course; these green office plants and flowers help us accomplish these goals.”
— Patricia Stuart, The Relaxing Retirement Coach, Inc., Wellesley, MA

Strategic Planning Group, Wellesley, MA

The Strategic Planning Group, Inc., is another Wellesley-based client of Plantscape Design that provides financial retirement planning as well as capital management for their clients.

“The last interior landscaping company that was giving us interior plant care serviced us once every three weeks. PDI cares for our office plants weekly; they look a lot better.”
— David Rourke, Strategic Planning, Wellesley, MA