Plantscape Designs Inc uses Plants in Design Bromeliads in our monthly flowering rotational programs.

Dear valued customer,

I am writing to you today to talk about the Zika virus. Several companies have emailed me regarding this topic. Earlier this month, it was reported locally as well as nationally that a mosquito that carries the Zika virus was found in a large landscape bromeliad at the Miami Beach Botanical gardens. It was the first mosquito to be found in the United States that carries the virus.   

Today, I want to reassure you that our growing facility is clean and mosquito free. Mosquitos like to lay their eggs in standing water. At our 35 acre commercial nursery we  water daily our plants with fertilizer. We have an insecticide spray program that is mandated by law to keep records for our yearly agricultural inspection. We also ship our beautiful bromeliads without any water in the leaves and in the cup. 
In my twenty years working at Plants In Design, I have never had a complaint about mosquitos.  
Thank you for your time, 


Manny Rodriguez
Sales Manager
Plants In Design
20905 SW 162 Avenue
Miami, FL 33187
Fax (305)233-6594
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Plantscape Designs does not use harmful insecticidal sprays on your indoor green plants.

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