1. Indoor Office Plants are amazing in that they make their own food.

2. Through photosynthesis, with light and water, they make carbohydrates that provide the plant with fuel to respire and grow.

3. So as the days grow longer they create food more readily. You can help your interior office plants optimize food making by fertilizing them.

4.This will make your interior landscape plants healthier and more attractive. PDI uses 20/20/20/ fertilize formular as a green office plant solution for many of our interior office plants within the Waltham, MA. and Lexington, MA. areas.

Plantscape Designs Inc., Woburn office plants, always a high potency fertilizer during the monthsof spring and summer.

“I wanted to extend my sincere compliments to you and your staff for a successful implementation and on going service.

The entire process has been stress free and very customer friendly . Your staff immediately came on-site to survey our needs and make recommendations . Once the order was placed, we were told within a few days everything would be set up. Imagine my surprise when the very next day I was told ” people from PDI were here delivering our new plants”.Even better was the fact that you were here, not only to introduce yourself, but working along with your staff.

The hassle free , no worry maintenance is the best feature. It has been a pleasure working with you and I look forward to a long relationship .”


David C. Gravel VP of Finance & Administration


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