Waltham, MA Office Plant Design Service & Maintenance

Innhouse of Waltham Massachusetts Designs A new with Plantscape Designs Inc Interior office plants.

 Innhouse of Waltham, MA Designs A new with Plantscape Designs Inc and Interior office plants.

Plantscape Designs Inc Provides:
1. Free consultation for office plant assessments Waltham, MA
2. Friendly and fast installations and replacements.
3. Weekly service and lifetime guarantee of our plants Waltham, MA
4. Prices that are hard to beat in Waltham, MA
Yucca Cane sun loving office plant Waltham, MA.
Waltham, MA Low light interior office plant  Cardinal Philodendron

Positioning of your interior office plants is vital to the longevity of your interior landscaped office workplace. Let Plantscape Designs Inc initiate and direct work your office plants should be placed within your office workplace 

At Plantscape Designs Inc., we are your interior landscaper for all your indoor office plant care, maintenance and design needs Waltham, MA

Plantscape Designs Inc Provides:
1. Free consultation for office plant assessments.
2. Friendly and fast installations and replacements.
3. Weekly service and lifetime guarantee of our plants Waltham, MA
4. Prices that are hard to beat in Waltham, MA

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PDI Plantscapes Inc. has been proudly servicing the Waltham, MA and Northshore area for over 46 years. PDI is run by Joe Gallo who is a educated botanist and has authored books on plant care. He loves serving his customers and educating them about the benefits of plants. 

Plantscape Designs Inc. of Massachusetts, services the following area cities and towns in Massachusetts:

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Waltham, MA; Lexington MA; Billerica MA; Acton MA; Needham MA; Bedford MA; Burlington MA

Complimentary Onsite Estimate Proposals & Designs for your Interior Office Plant Needs

Free Designs & Estimate of your interior office plant corporate needs.

Social Distancing Barriers using Interior office Plants & Planters

Reentry of Plantscape Designs Inc Service To All Clients Once Our State So Deems it Safe to return To Work for All of Us Massachusetts

The following shall apply upon reentry of all our Corporate Clients :


Only customers / clients who HAVE paid PDI before and during this Covid-19 Pandemic shall have their dead or dying interior green plants replaced FREE of charge by PDI.

2. Clients who HAVE NOT paid Plantscape Designs Inc before nor during this Covid-19 Pandemic shall not have their dead nor dying interior green plants replaced free of charge by PDI.

Instead, Brian Guilfolye, General Manager for 36 years) shall “ access” the situation for each of our clients and then recommend new healthy plants to replace said dead or dying plants in our clients offices. A charge for each of these plants shall be bestowed upon our clients, who have not allowed PDI entry into their office for whatever reason that may have been initiated by client or State for safety health reasons.

Plantscape Designs Inc contracts so state the above situation where by, ‘ if client does not allow PDI Staff to enter their offices PDI’s unconditional guarantee is nell and void. 

This is both reasonable and makes sense since PDI can physically care for your live green plants remotely.

be safe

joe gallo 

president/ founder

Kind regards, 

Plantscape Designs Inc / Team

Joe Gallo

781.279.0032 x101




Testimonials / Waltham MA / Olympus Corporation

“I wanted to extend my sincere compliments to you and your staff for a successful implementation and on going service.

The entire process has been stress free and very customer friendly . Your staff immediately came on-site to survey our needs and make recommendations . Once the order was placed, we were told within a few days everything would be set up. Imagine my surprise when the very next day I was told ” people from PDI were here delivering our new plants”.Even better was the fact that you were here, not only to introduce yourself, but working along with your staff.

The hassle free , no worry maintenance is the best feature. It has been a pleasure working with you and I look forward to a long relationship .”


David C. Gravel VP of Finance & Administration

Testimonials / Waltham MA Edenred Corporation

I would like to thank you on behalf of Edenred of Waltham MA . We absolutely love all of the beautiful plants that you have set up for us. It has really improved our atmosphere . Our staff have complimented on how nice our lobby looks. We look forward to seeing you in the near future at Edenred.

Thank you again,


Julie LeRiche

operations manager

Needham Bank, Waltham MA

“Plantscape Designs Inc has serviced our lobbies for years. Fast service and friendly infield staff”
– Nick Day of Needham Bank