1. Unsightly interior plants in your office work place, such as the above, can make your interiorscape appear unsuccessful looking. Corporate offices need to be tidy, clean, utilitarian and a pleasant environment for your employees as well as for clients that may visit your office. The above photo was taken of plants cared for by the employees of that company. PDI took charge of this clients plants and replaced them with new ones and with guaranteed weekly maintenance.

2. A future clients’ first impressions of your corporate company’s successful and profitable image is one of the most important selling points of any business.

3. The above unkempt green plants photo has a messy and uncaring image for any new potential customer walking in your office or retail store. You need a caring and competent interior plant service such Plantscape Designs Inc. to solve your botanical problems and keep your office attractive, clean, healthy and welcoming.

4. Plantscape Designs Inc. has taken many of these situations, as illustrated above, and provided weekly attentive care of your office plants, enhancing your interior office work place. Remember green plants also help keep the air quality of your office pollution free.