The benefits of interior plants.
People have a positive response to plants and planted environments
and they produce a positive economic return in the workplace in Bedford, MA
• Proven psychological & physiological benefits Bedford, MA
• Decrease employee absenteeism Bedford, MA
• Contribute to beautiful & pleasant surroundings Bedford, MA
• Create a mood or theme Bedford, MA
• Soften hard lines & separates areas
• Provide privacy Bedford, MA
• Help reduce noise by absorbing sound
• Assist in establishing traffic patterns
• Add class & warmth to the decor Bedford, MA
• Make environments attractive to guests
• Impress clients and guests Bedford , MA
• Increase property values Bedford, MA
• Attract tenants Bedford, MA
• Boost employee morale & performance
• Filter out indoor air pollutants Bedford, MA
• Combat the Sick Building Syndrome Bedford, MA
• Produce a good return on investment Bedford, MA
Covid 19 molecule
Social Distancing can help using live green office plants as barriers
What PDI is doing for further reentry of our corporate interior plant service Bedford, MA

Precautions our company will be taking to protect your employees as well as your customers. 

1.       PDI will be asking how our employee feels each day.

2.       PDI will have employee’s take temperatures each day before their respective shifts in Bedford, MA

3.       PDI will ask employee if they have had potential exposure to Covid-19.

4.       PDI will be issuing PPE to our employees in Bedford, MA

5.      PDI will perform any sort of Covid-19 testing on employees when they become available from our government.