Plantscape Design Inc Joe and Jeannine Gallo contribute and participate in the reforestation of the endemic botanical species of Scalesia pedunculata trees. Dozens of Environmentally conscience individuals planted the Scalesia peduncalata trees on Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos.

Reforestation of Scalesia peduncalata trees Santa Cruz Galapagos

Joe Gallo founder of PDI planting Scalecia pedunculata

digging in Scalecia pedunculata

Santa Cruz Galapagos

Jeannine Gallo planting Scalecia pedunculata

Invasive or non- native species can outcompete, displace, and harm native species.

In Los Gemelos, the Directorate of the Galapagos National Park is working to remove invasive species and restore the beautiful native Scalecia pedunculate forest,which is home to many species of birds endemic to the Galapagos. Invasive or non-native plant species that can outcompete, displace or harm Scalecia include trees such as Cuban Cedar, Guava, Quinine, Hill Blackberry, along with the passion fruit vine and more.

PDI is committed to supporting environmental protection programs and invite you to be part of this effort. By doing so, we will help restore the Scalecia forest to its former beauty and create habitat for local wildlife. Inaddition, we will be reducing our footprint while in the Galapagos.

About the Scalesia peduculata:

Fourteen different species of Scalesia grow in the Archipelago.

The largest remaining forest of Scalesia pedunculata is located on Santa Cruz at Gemelos. This is the tallest of the Scalesia species, growing up to 15m in height. Along with Santa Cruz, it can be found on the humid windward sides of San Cristobal, Santiago, and Floreana Islands, Galapagos.

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