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Sports & Physical Therapy Associates, Wilmington, MA

Sports & Physical Therapy Associates (SPTA) provide the Greater Boston community with physical therapy and sports training in many locations in Eastern Massachusetts. Plantscape Designs, Inc. has provided plants and maintenance for them in Needham and other locations. Because of the area constraints in the therapy areas due to the equipment and therapy apparatus, various narrow tall green plants have been utilized.

 “Since all of our locations have been using PDI’s indoor office plants in our facilities, our customers have had only positive comments about them and our facilities.” 
— Danielle Beck, Marketing Coordinator, Sports

Euro-Pro, Wilmington, MA

Euro-Pro is the creator of the household appliance brands Shark and Ninja. Plantscape Designs, Inc. provides their office plant solutions, including plant maintenance and a flowering orchid program.

 “We have so much office space both here and at our Newton offices, we need to fill our workspace with health-radiating green office plants and flowering orchid programs.” 
— Jennifer Bellows, Euro-Pro, Wilmington, MA

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