Botanical name: Beaucarnea Recurvata
Plant type: Houseplant
Sun exposure: Full SunPart Sun
Ponytail Palms are a great, long-lived indoor plant. (Despite it’s name and palm-like appearance, it’s not a true “palm.”)
This plant has long green leathery stems that develop as the plant ages.  Indoors, they can reach up to 3 feet high. The only thing that is difficult about this plant is adapting to its watering needs. Plantscape Designs Inc. frequently uses these hardy indoor interior office green plants in your office work place, Waltham, MA.

1. Planting

  • Use a fast draining soil, such as cactus potting soil.
  • Normal room temperature is good for most of the year, but keep it cooler in the winter (50 to 55° F).
  • Find a location with bright light.

2. Care

  • Keep soil fairly dry. Water from spring through fall allowing soil to dry on the surface before re-watering. During the winter only water occasionally.
  • Fertilize in the spring and bring into brighter room for the summer months. 
  • Re-potting every other year at the most is all the Ponytail Palm needs.

3. Pests

  • Overwatering can contribute to stem rot.  If you withhold watering, the plant may be able to internally cure the problem. 
  • Spider mites occur on the leaves, but can be fixed by rubbing a cloth of soap and water on the stems. 

4. Wit & Wisdom

Another name for Ponytail Palm is Elephant Foot Palm.
PDIPlants has a unique variety of interior office green plants Waltham , MA