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Studies routinely attest to the physical and mental benefits of plants in the workplace. Whether one is actively engaging with plants such as in gardening activities, or they are passively observing man-made landscapes that feature vegetation, engagement with plants reduces fatigue and helps individuals to regain focus. In an age where the global community’s mental health is at risk, and, especially during Lexington’s long winters, some individuals are at a greater risk for seasonal affective disorder (SAD), plants can bring workplaces to life and restore the energy and moods of the building’s occupants. Some studies even suggest improved performance on cognitive tasks. Plus, it’s a well-known fact that plants improve air quality by removing carbon dioxide and other air pollutants, while adding oxygen to the air. These are just a few of the reasons why adding an indoor garden to your workplace is a wise investment. Bring your Lexington office building to life with strategically chosen, carefully styled, and well-maintained indoor plants.

Weekly Office Plant Maintenance For Lexington Businesses of All Sizes

Too often, well-intentioned office managers spend hard-earned money on flora to decorate entryways, bathrooms, conference rooms, and other workspaces, only to neglect these poor plants for lack of time. Thankfully, Plantscape Designs provides the routine care that your indoor plants need. With weekly office maintenance available in Lexington and surrounding towns, your plants will continue to yield the health-promoting benefits for which they are so popular. If you’re looking for a health-boosting and attractive investment for your Lexington office, look no further than Plantscape Designs. Our horticulturalists are trained in the selection of space-appropriate plants for spaces of all sizes and layouts. Not only is Plantscape Designs skilled in the selection of vegetation and trained in design elements, our trained horticulturalists also supply weekly office plant maintenance, so that you can continue to breathe easy and maintain a productive rhythm, while Plantscape Designs takes care of the rest.

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