Plantscape Designs Inc is proud to show how our living walls services our customers.  As an example, one of our partners Sovos is showcased below with a design from us.  View our photos below to view is a step by step process how we can beautify your office or reception area.  Also take advantage of our current living wall promotions.
PDI Simply Installed Living Walls 
Angled Living Wall Panel Trays Reception Wilmington, MA
Low Light Interior Office PlantsAssorted colors
Impressive Simple Living Wall Install Wilmington, MA
Living wall for Corporate Lobbies
Preserved Moss / Lichen Wall Art : No Maintenance!
Living Wall’s will bring your office environment healthy plants that grow on the interior walls in  your office, visitor center or lobbies. Living Walls needs no irrigation, no electrical or plumbing or carpentry required.  It provides drip-free watering and drainage.
Our living wall is lightweight and fits anywhere and our staff will maintain it to provide your office with a healthy environment.  
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The Staff at Plantscape Designs Inc

Clean Interior Office Air / with Green Plants
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 — Joseph R. Gallo JR