Peabody, MA Office Plant Design Service & Maintenance

Testimonial Converge / Peabody Massachusetts

“Green plants are a more friendly comfortable environment here in our Peabody MA offices.I am positive that our productivity shall increase as well.”

Ann Doherty

office manager

Peabody Massachusetts

Testimonials Peabody Massachusetts / Converge

” When Our interior office plants arrived our whole interior office workplace transformed for the better.The live green plants compliment our office design in both an esthetic and healthy way.”

Ann Doherty/ office manager

Technology Drive

Peabody Massachusetts

Peabody, MA Testimonial

Howard, Sales Manager BMW Auto Show room:

” Just a dozen live green office plant trees with weekly maintenance and guaranteed service by Plantscape Designs Inc has transformed our cement , glass & steel showroom into a welcoming friendly meeting place to purchase our high end automobiles “

Howard, Sale Manager BMW