Plantscape Designs Inc. services and designs interior foliage and exterior landscapes for corporate offices in the Waltham, MA area.

Not only should your interior landscaping needs be met with tropical foliage from South Florida but your exterior entrance ways as well.
Seasonally changing your front or main entrance areas with flowering plants can make the difference between a successful caring company that stands out and a lack luster tired one.
Flowering bulbs are great for announcing Spring while lavender Russian Sage, peach honey suckels and pink lantana speak of the coming Summer months.
Plantscape Designs Inc services the Waltham, MA. cityscapes of N.E.interiors.
Pictured below we have an example of a Tall cubico planter displaying a colorful lemon/lime Warniki greeting everyone entering the Watch Tower Office building in Waltham, MA

Reentry of Plantscape Designs Inc Service To All Clients Once Our State So Deems it Safe to return To Work for All of Us Massachusetts

The following shall apply upon reentry of all our Corporate Clients :


Only customers / clients who HAVE paid PDI before and during this Covid-19 Pandemic shall have their dead or dying interior green plants replaced FREE of charge by PDI.

2. Clients who HAVE NOT paid Plantscape Designs Inc before nor during this Covid-19 Pandemic shall not have their dead nor dying interior green plants replaced free of charge by PDI.

Instead, Brian Guilfolye, General Manager for 36 years) shall “ access” the situation for each of our clients and then recommend new healthy plants to replace said dead or dying plants in our clients offices. A charge for each of these plants shall be bestowed upon our clients, who have not allowed PDI entry into their office for whatever reason that may have been initiated by client or State for safety health reasons.

Plantscape Designs Inc contracts so state the above situation where by, ‘ if client does not allow PDI Staff to enter their offices PDI’s unconditional guarantee is null and void.

This is both reasonable and makes sense since PDI can physically care for your live green plants remotely.

be safe

joe gallo

president/ founder

Kind regards,

Plantscape Designs Inc / Team

Yes its Spring Plantscape Designs Inc is ready to serve your Corporate Offices Massachusetts