Fairy Primrose potted flowers are used by Plantscape Designs Inc. in our weekly flowering programs.

Many of our flowering program can last two weeks, one month or even two months. Like these common Primrose flowers, Fairy primrose flowers only can exist in a flowering stage one week. Still this duration is much less expensive than a few days lasting cut floral arrangement.

Hartwell Avenue Office Park located in Lexington, MA. is a prime location for such above flowering weekly or monthly blooming programs in their lobby reception areas.

Primula is a complex and varied genus, with a range of habitats from alpine slopes to boggy meadows. Plants bloom mostly during the spring, with flowers often appearing in spherical umbels on stout stems arising from basal rosettes of leaves; their flowers can be purple, yellow, red, pink, blue, or white. Some species show a white mealy bloom (farina) on various parts of the plant.[2] Many species are adapted to alpine climates.

Originally from the Himalayas region now cultivated in Northern Hemispheres to South America.

Plantscape Designs Inc. adds these colorful flowers seasonally in our Lexington, MA flowering office plantscape programs. 

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