The split leaf philodendron is a common foliage plant that has some points of interest. These plants can provide a beautiful accent to your office space whether your have low to medium light conditions or wonderful natural light. Botanically named, Monstera deliciosa, aptly describes its attributes.
The genus Monstera refers to the monstrous green leaves it produces in its native habitat of Mexico and Central America. The plant climbs to a height of more than eighty feet producing leaves that are three feet long and almost as wide. The leaves are deeply incised on the margins and dotted with holes in the center. This allows the plant to withstand storms and hurricanes by allowing the wind to blow through the leaves minimizing damage to the plant.
Monteras for the most part are poisonous. Except for the fruit, hence the species, deliciosa. After flowering, the arum of the flower develops into a delicious scaled fruit that is fragrant and has a flavor of pineapple and pear.
Who said Latin was difficult?