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Plantscape Designs Knows Office Plants, Providing Design, Supply, and Weekly Office Maintenance in Wilmington and Surrounding Towns

Plantscape Designs is the Wilmington area’s chosen provider of tropic and interior plantscapes. For your design, supply, installation, and weekly maintenance, call 781-279-0032!

Trained Professionals Keep Wilmington’s Workplaces Healthy and Productive

Those familiar with Wilmington’s four-seasons climates know that plants provide manifold benefits–especially during the winter months. Plants provide environmental advantages beyond aesthetic enjoyment. At Plantscape Design, our trained horticulturalists undertake the complete design, supply, and weekly office maintenance of your Wilmington workplace. Plantscape Designs will curate and maintain an indoor environment that both pleases the eye and improves air quality. The result is a pleasant environment for Wilmington employees and customers alike. Because of our range of experiences throughout New England towns, the team at Plantscape Designs is proficient in selecting the right style and appropriate species for each building’s layout, topography, and traffic patterns. With a network conveniently located in Stoneham, Plantscape Designs in Wilmington’s trusted location for the supply, design, and maintenance of your business’s interior greenery.

Weekly Plant Maintenance For Wilmgton’s Businesses and Residences

For nearly half a century, Plantscape Designs has been enhancing the built environments of Wilmington’s businesses and residences. Since our inception, our team has been fulfilling this mission through hard work and reliable office plant maintenance. Plus, Plantscape Designs takes into consideration each Wilmington client’s aesthetic preferences, tastes, and budget. Whether your Wilmington office maintains plants in vestibules and reception areas, restroom planter boxes, or full-scale hanging gardens, Plantscape Designs ensures that your indoor greenery is healthy and appealing. Plus, routine maintenance enhances a plant’s lifespan, which results in a longer return on your investment. Plus, our office plants don’t just improve air quality–they can also improve mental health. Let Plantscape Designs enhance your Wilmington office, and even take care of weekly maintenance. Your business’s occupants will surely appreciate the results.

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