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Watertown, MA’s Office Plant Maintenance Program Allows Offices and Plants to Thrive

Plantscape Designs is the Watertown Area’s leading provider of interior plantscapes. For your design, installation, and weekly maintenance, call 781-279-0032!

Watertown’s One-Stop Shop for Office Plant Design, Installation, and Weekly Maintenance

While people have a generally intuitive belief that plants are good for the environment, people don’t always know just how beneficial they can be. Plants improve air quality and reduce stress by improving the overall mental health. Plants can also provide navigational markers to a building’s occupants, and make large, corporate offices feel more intimate. The expert horticulturalists at Plantscape Designs bring nearly half a century of experience to interior greenscape design; no matter the size, layout, or function of your Watertown office building, Plantscape Designs will enhance your interior space for year-round enjoyment. Additionally, our weekly office plant maintenance program ensures that your building’s occupants enjoy a return on your investment for years to come. Call today and discover why Plantscape Designs is Watertown’s first choice for office plant design, installation, and weekly maintenance.

Plantscape Designs Re-energizes Watertown’s Businesses Through Office Plant Design and Weekly Maintenance

Humans have an innate desire to connect with nature. Especially during Watertown’s colder months, that need too often goes unmet within the workplace. Plantscape Designs was founded with the intention of enhancing these heavily trafficked indoor spaces, whether it’s an office building. In addition to allowing a building’s occupants to connect with nature and improving air quality, plants can act as a personalizing element within shared office spaces or waiting rooms. Our years of experience have given Plantscape Designs the ability to access a wide supply of tropical plants and mosses, while also personalizing each design scheme to meet the spatial needs and aesthetic preferences of each Watertown client. Our expert horticulturalists also know the proper planting and handling techniques of each species type, allowing for increased plant longevity by means of regular weekly office plant maintenance.From hanging gardens and moss walls to modest planters, Plantscape Designs will revitalize your office and revive your office staff! Call Plantscape Designs today, and ask about our weekly office maintenance program!

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