Office Plant Weekly Maintenance

Plantscape Designs Offers Weekly Office Plant Maintenance for the Greater Boston Area

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Routine Maintenance for your Office Plants by a Dedicated Team

At Plantscape Designs, we are committed to putting our expertise to work for you. In addition to helping you choose attractive plants that are appropriate for your space, the experts at Plantscape Designs take pride in maintaining their plantscapes by means of regular weekly maintenance. Whether you have a small office with limited space, or a large office with lots of foot traffic and variable temperatures, our team will provide you with a range of options to meet your needs and preferences. Moreover, Plantscape Designs is a company focused on sustainability. Thus, we stand by our work with our “green plant guarantee.” If your office plant fails to thrive, we provide a replacement at no cost. Interior plants that are cared for with weekly maintenance are not only more attractive, they are also healthier, which means that your employees and clients are healthier and happier, too!

Plantscape Designs Provides Reliable Weekly Office Plant Maintenance

Office plants are proven to be a tremendous advantage to business environments when they enjoy routine weekly maintenance. They put both employees and clients at ease while purifying the air by ridding it of unseen toxins. Plus, office plants have personality. They can be tranquil, charismatic, modern, or chic. The team at Plantscape Designs carefully assesses a built environment before deciding on a species, theme, and layout. Ficus plants can add sophisticated style to a room, while Yucca plants can make a workplace feel exotic. Moreover, plants can behave like architectural elements, too. Extended planter boxes can be used as natural dividers, while larger plants can act as eye-catching centerpieces. Plus, the team at Plantscape Designs knows exactly what each plant species needs to thrive. That’s why we offer a weekly office plant maintenance option that takes care of your indoor garden so that you can focus on running your business.

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