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Cambridge’s First Choice for Interior Design and Weekly Office Plant Maintenance is PDI Plants

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Weekly Office Plant Maintenance Made Easy for Cambridge Businesses

The horticulturalists at Plantscape Designs are committed to putting their experience in interior plantscapes to work for your Cambrdige office. Plantscape Designs offers a variety of species and arrangements for your interior decor. From succulents to tropical plants and living walls to lavish reception-area arrangements, Plantscape Designs offers the best selection in the industry. Additionally, our team not only undertakes plant design and supply; we also offer weekly office plant maintenance to our Cambridge clients. Our team knows exactly what each species requires to thrive under given conditions (which change according to the season, sun exposure, temperature, and other ambient conditions. Trust the experts at Plantscape designs to deliver a health-boosting and attractive office interior and deliver weekly office plant maintenance, so that you can focus on running your Cambridge business.

Professional Development and Customer Education Improves Weekly Office Plant Maintenance in Cambridge

Office plants are a key component of healthy corporate environments; however, too often well-intentioned business owners or office managers allow their plantscapes to wither for lack of attention or expertise. That’s why Plantscape Designs offers routine weekly office plant maintenance to Cambridge businesses of all sizes and industries. Additionally, the team at Plantscape Designs brings decades of experience to the interior landscape design industry. Therefore, our team can help each Cambridge client select the right layout and combination of plants for each office. Furthermore, Plantscape Designs is committed to delivering sustainable products by means of educating both its staff and clients regarding plant care. Our staff is trained to recognize common plant ailments, and correct the issues before the arrangement dies. Plus, Plantscape Designs’ “green plant guarantee” stipulates that, if an office plant fails to thrive, a replacement is provided at no cost. Interior plants that are cared for with weekly office plant maintenance maintain their original attractiveness and health, which results in happier, healthy, and more productive Cambridge employees.

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