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Design, Supply, and Weekly Office Plant Maintenance Services For Andover Offices

Plantscape Designs is the Greater Boston Boston area’s leading provider of interior plantscape design, supply, and maintenance services. Call 781-279-0032 today to enhance your interior greenscape!

Routine Weekly Office Plant Maintenance Keeps Andover Offices Productive, Attractive, and Happy

Many Andover business owners recognize the appeal of interior office plants, especially during the winter months, when neither employees nor clients spend much time outdoors. Nevertheless, helping plants maintain their original health and appearance requires specialized training. That’s why the Plantscape Designs team comprises experts in the fields of horticulture, biology, and botany. This training, coupled with decades of experience, allows our staff to ensure that your Andover office plants receive the appropriate care and attention through our weekly office plant maintenance program. The Plantscape Designs “green plant guarantee” certifies that all of our Andover clients’ interior gardens maintain their original health and appearance. Plus, our weekly office plant maintenance program guarantees that your Andover office plants maintain their vigor, and your office its vibrancy.

Plantscape Designs Is Andover’s Chosen Provider of Weekly Office Plant Maintenance

From pruning to re-potting to re-positioning, weekly office plant maintenance is a range of skills and specialized expertise. Plantscape Designs maintains a staff of seasoned professionals who know how to care for a variety of interior plant designs, including living walls and atria and large- and small-scale floral arrangements. The Plantscape Designs team also designs, installs, and maintains seasonal and holiday decorations for Andover clients. From removing toxins from the air to encouraging social distancing to reducing ambient noise and improving employee focus, the benefits of plants are proven and manifold. Call today and discover why Andover clients have come to trust Plantscape Designs with all of their weekly office plant maintenance needs. For one-stop shopping for your interior greenery supply, design, installation, and maintenance, look no further than Plantscape Designs.

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