Office Employees Safe With Live Green Plants Needham MA

Keeping Office Employees Safe With Live Green Plants in Needham, MA

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Live Green Plants Keep Office Employees Safe in Needham, MA

Live plants afford both physical and mental health benefits that keep Needham’s office employees safe while in a client-facing or corporate office space. Plant systems keep air clean by removing 10-25% of carbon dioxide. Psychologists posit that even a few live plants can dramatically improve the mood of a room’s occupant. It is a lesser known fact that office plants remove benzene and formaldehyde, allowing office employees to breathe easier when in the presence of live green plants. Live plants also keep occupants safe by adding humidity to the air. Whether you’re looking to enhance your small Needham office space with a modest number of live plants or you would like to inject living greenery throughout a large corporate building, Plantscape Designs will exceed your expectations.

Needham Can Keep Office Employees Safe in 2020 and Beyond

The year 2020 marks a watershed year in the sphere of public health awareness. Plantscape Designs is Needham’s first choice for interior plantscape design, supply, and maintenance. Plants not only clean the air by removing toxins from the air through filtration, they also provide noise damping and encourage social distancing. Thus, plants not only keep Needham office employees safe, they also increase productivity by mitigating the effects of distracting chatter. Strategically placed planters or islands encourage clients and office employees to practice social distancing, according to the CDC-recommended best practices. Needham’s post-pandemic workplace must keep office employees safe, which can be accomplished by means of Plantscape Designs’ live plants. Plantscape Designs supplies a range of products that will enhance interior spaces, improve air quality, and provide natural barriers.

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