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Office Plant Maintenance that Keeps Lexington’s Office Employees Happy and Safe

The trained horticulturalists at Plantscape Designs share the goal of keeping Lexington’s office employees healthy and safe. Healthier offices result in greater worker productivity. The team at Plantscape Designs offers a full range of products–including living walls, dish gardens, and coordinated planters–to keep employees healthy, happy, safe, and productive. After helping each Lexington client select the appropriate products for their office space, Plantscape Designs provides maintenance services to ensure that plants continue to thrive. For healthy, happy, and productive employees, trust the experts team at Plantscape Designs.

Lexington’s Own Horticultural Team Ensures Safety of Office Employees

Formerly a symbol of elegance and aesthetic appeal alone, interior plants are now a hallmark of office health and safety. The COVID-19 pandemic has left office employees yearning to return to the workplace. Improving air quality is not the only benefit that plants can afford for office employees; carefully placed office indoor gardens or living moss walls effectively promote social distancing. The products at Plantscape Designs promote creativity, increase productivity, and keep office employees safe. Plantscape Designs will not only keep your business operating; by keeping office employees healthy, your business will thrive.

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