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Keeping Billerica Office Employees Healthy and Safe

Billerica office workers recognize the importance of their office employees. Keeping Billerica’s office employees healthy and safe is of paramount importance now more than ever. While promoting human interaction is a long-recognized tenant of effective business practice. That said, bringing people together can pose a challenge with respect to modern social distancing requirements. Plantscape Designs is Billerica’s leading provider of interior plantscapes, offering solutions that are not only attractive, but also supremely effective in enhancing social distancing. Moss panels can act as natural barriers, while moveable living walls can be a flexible solution for business with variable needs. The team at Plantscape Designs works with clients throughout Billerica to select the best products and maintenance service for their business. Trust Plantscape Designs to keep your Billerica office employees safe.

Plantscape Designs Enhance Built Environments, Lifts Moods, and Keeps Office Employees Safe

As Billerica’s office employees return to the workplace, a new onus is on the companies to keep these spaces safe. Additionally, humans and plants alike thrive in natural environments. Thus, the goal of Plantscape Designs is to provide expert and strategic office plant selection, installation, and maintenance for Billerica clients. Our biophilic solutions ensure the safety and productivity of office employees through a combination of solutions, ranging from grouped potted plants, movable living walls, and moss screens. The team at Plantscape Designs represents decades of training and experience in horticulture and interior design. Let Plantscape Designs supply the natural and creative solutions required to keep your Billerica office employees safe.

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