Northborough, MA Office Plant Design Service & Maintenance

Renewal by Andersen, 30 Forbes Road, Northborough, MA

Originally, the architects and designers of this unique showroom used outdoor annuals, perennials and scrubs inside this showplace. It just did not work. There was not enough light for outside plants within this building. These poorly-performing exterior plants did not have the correct environment to survive, and were detracting from the original beauty and design the architects and designers had in mind.

Plantscape Designs Inc. came to the rescue and replaced all the high-light outside landscape plants with indoor tropical low-light plants and flowers. These selected indoor plants now add additional beauty to this well-designed showroom for Andersen’s line of products.

“This showroom of Andersen window and door products needed a different kind of feel and presentation. These different looking green plants did it for us. These interior green plants make this place pop. The building interior design, the Andersen product, and the interior green plants came all together.”
— Sandra Pochapin, Renewal by Andersen, Northborough, MA

Pongo, 168 East Main Street, Northborough, MA

Pongo provides tools to build compelling resumes and cover letters to help their clients make their best impressions and, ultimately, land their dream jobs.

“We wanted an open design for our employees, so our office furniture designers decided to not have traditional walls. Instead, glass walls were applied throughout our building’s floors. However, people were tending to walk into some of our glass walls. Our designers decided to use stenciling and interior green plants as a buffer and safety feature for our glass walls and our employees.”

— David Rourke, Strategic Planning, Northborough, MA