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Free Quotes for Christmas / Holiday Decorations & Poinsettias for Interior Offices Boston, Massachusetts .

Why Kontos systemic is good for your thrip infested Corporate Office Plants Boston, Massachusetts 

1. PDI Plants of Boston MA has had thrip insect infected office plants come up from Florida growers for years just as other interior landscapers have had in the Boston interior office cityscapes.

2. Plantscape Designs Inc usual response to such annoying destructive invasive pests on our clients indoor office plants is to use predatory biologicals such as thrip eliminator. Thrip insect is a predatory insect that feeds just on this nasty pest and then dies off not harming your office plants nor your clients.
3. Thrip insect is also very costly to interior landscapers as well to the service cost of their office plant clients monthly fees. Visit our for more info.
4. Kontos systemic can help lower interior landscaper costs for themselves as well as for their interior plantscape customers. Applied knowledgeably and safely.
5. At Plantscape Designs Inc of Boston, MA our knowledgeable staff will safely choose the correct answer for your interior pest problems having 46 years of in the field experience with decisions such as these.

Holiday/ Christmas Poinsettias & Decorations Are Here!

Poinsettias and Christmas Wreaths Trees and Fresh Garland delivered and Installed by Plantscape Designs Inc

“We are overcrowded here in this particular office. We do not have the floor space for plants, just cubicles. These top-mounted planter boxes with assorted species of interior green plants add to the beauty of our office place and do not take up much room! However, our lobby displays the latest planter designs PDI can offer.”
– Holly Condon, Phoenix Tissue Repair

 Boston, MA Corporate Office Plant Design & Installation Boston, MA Large Indoor Corporate office Plants and Trees 

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Corporate Interior Plants and Service Before and After Plantscape Designs Inc Botanical Composition.

Corporate Interior Plants and Service Before and After Plantscape Designs Inc Botanical Composition 

Before PDI design arrangement Bedford, MA


After PDI Designs composition

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Interior Plant Selection and Design Options
Indoor plants range greatly in appearance, color, and size so please feel free to look through our beautiful Indoor Plant Catalog for some of the plants we offer. If you have any questions, or are interested in a specific type of plant, please contact us – we’re always glad to help!
Plant décor options are endless – for example, large spaces might call for bold, vertical plantings that give the appearance of bringing the outdoors in; drab, uninspiring areas in the office could be magically transformed by strategic placement of flowering containers. Adding greenery to a reception room, as another example, not only provides natural beauty but additionally can instill a sense of calm to those waiting for their appointments.
Many of our interior landscaping design clients here in Boston are Feng Shui-oriented; a common technique is to use rounded-leaved plants, as they are considered to be buffers against sources of negative energy such as sharp corners.
Please consider taking a look through our design gallery to see some of our work.
Interested in finding out what PDI can do for your office? Fill out a form to get a free visual proposal, or call us at 781-279-0032.
Living Wall Bedford MA

Before and  After Plantscape Designs Installation of living walls office plants and trays

living Walls Bedford MA
Living Wall Burlington MA

Free Onsite Proposal & Design

Onsite free estimate and design for your Officeworkplace interior landscaping

Autumn Crotons, Pele Mums, Orange Kalanchoes for Sale From Plantscape Designs Inc for Your Office Work Place Burlington, MA


Autumn Crotons, Pele Mums, Orange Kalanchoes for Sale From Plantscape Designs Inc for Your Office Work Place Burlington, MA


Colorful Croton office plants for sale from PDI Burlington, MA

Colorful Crotons, Pele Mums, Orange Kalanchoes all until 
For The Month of September ONLY ! $25.00 each


At Plantscape Designs Inc., we are your interior landscaper for all your indoor office plant care, maintenance and design needs.


Plantscape Designs Inc Provides:
1. Free consultation for office plant assessments Burlington, MA
2. Friendly and fast installations and replacements 
3. Weekly service and lifetime guarantee of our plants.
4. Prices that are hard to beat Burlington, MA

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 Plantscapes Designs Inc. has been proudly servicing indoor office plants in the Burlington, MA and  the Northshore area for over 46 years. Plantscape Designs Inc is managed  by Joe Gallo who is an educated botanist and has authored books on indoor office plant care. He loves serving his customers and educating them about the benefits of plants. As a result, Your corporation will receive unprecedented  service and design of your interior office environment Burlington, MA.

Plantscape Designs Inc. of Massachusetts  services the following area cities and towns in Massachusetts:

Burlington, MA , Woburn, MA , Boston, MA Lexington, MA, Waltham, MA, Bedford, MA, Needham, MA
View some of our work in Burlington, MA. visit our website www. 


Plantscape designs Inc provides many services to our clients:


  1. Watering weekly of interior corporate plants 
  2. Designing of corporate interior office plants 
  3. Plant flower maintenance for interior corporate office plants Burlington, MA
  4. Turning of plants do to phototropisms that tend to bend green plants to the sunlight 
  5. Guaranteed free replacement of unhealthy or dead office plants
  6. Trimming & pruning of live green plants when needed Burlington,MA
  7. Weekly cleaning shining of live green plants of dust Burlington, MA
  8. Watering and Interior Landscaping Massachusetts
  9. Monthly flowering program arrangements Massachusetts ; when requested 
  10. Pest management using safe biological nematodes (in soil) that eradicate black flies, mealy bug and other insect pests without the use of harmful pesticides 


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Fall/ Autumn Decoration for Corporate offices

Plantscape Designs Inc is Here to Service Your Plants; Just Let us in Your Offices! Burlington, Ma

.Plantscape Designs Inc has and shall in the near future upon full reentry/ reopening of all businesses follow the CDC GUIDELINES:

A. The wearing of masks sanitized with 70% isopropyl alcohol or hydrogen peroxide

B. The wearing of gloves sanitized with 70% isopropyl alcohol or 3% hydrogen peroxide

C. The social/ physical distancing recommended by CDC of 6′ or more

D. PDI employees shall not be working at your location nor ours if said individual has a cough, sneeze, fever symptoms wethers it be of flu, cold, seasonal virus or covid-19 association.

thank you

Joseph R. Gallo Jr president/ founder of PDI

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Joe Gallo

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Kind regards,

Plantscape Designs Inc / Team


Living Wall Office Plants by Plantscape Designs Inc of Massachusetts

New Easy to install non invasive live green interior office plant planters for corporate offices.

Plantscape Designs Inc designs, installs and maintains these new design office plant planters on a weekly schedule.

Live green plants add to your corporate Biophilic positive productive work environment.

Clean air is another productive bonus for having live green office plants installed at your corporate office headquarters .

Having your employees  wanting to come back to a more pleasant healthy safe work place is what we are all looking for as Americans working in large office building today.


Living Wall Bedford MA
Living Wall Bedford MA
living Walls Bedford MA

Free onsite Proposals

Free onsite estimates/proposals for your interior landscaping needs by Plantscape Designns Inc of Massachusetts 

“Wow what a difference in our office with live green office plants and monthly flower rotations by Plantscape Designs Inc.

It is much more pleasant to work here now. The office internal air quality has gone up as well because of these dozens of green plants filtering out carcinogenic airborne chemical emitted from photocopiers, carpet adhesives and chemicals released from wall and ceiling paints.”

Francis Redmond

facilities manager

Fujii Film

Bedford, MA

Name Goes Here

Joe Gallo

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Office Plants Beautify Your Corporate Office as Well as Clean Your Air Bedford MA

American Society of  Microbiology Study

“Increasing evidence indicates that humidity can play a role in the survival of membrane-bound viruses, such as SARS-CoV-2 (63–65). Previous research has found that, at typical indoor temperatures, relative humidity (RH) above 40% is detrimental to the survival of many viruses, including CoVs in general (63, 66, 67), and higher indoor RH has been shown to reduce infectious influenza virus in simulated coughs (67). Based upon studies of other viruses, including CoVs, higher RH also decreases airborne dispersal by maintaining larger droplets that contain viral particles, thus causing them to deposit onto room surfaces more quickly (63, 68, 69). Higher humidity likely negatively impacts lipid-enveloped viruses, like CoVs, through interactions with the polar membrane heads that lead to conformational changes of the 

Fact: Interior Office Plants Help to INCREASE Humidity in your office air as well as clean air from Carcinogens.

Green Indoor Office Plants are not just Pretty. 

membrane, causing disruption and inactivation of the virus (70, 71). Furthermore, changes in humidity can impact how susceptible an individual is to infection by viral particles (72) and how far into the respiratory tract viral particles are likely to deposit (68). Decreased RH has been demonstrated to decrease mucociliary clearance of invading pathogens and weakened innate immune response (72–74). However, RH above 80% may begin to promote mold growth, inducing potentially detrimental health effects (75). Although the current ventilation standard adopted by health care and residential care facilities, ASHRAE 170-2017, permits a wider range of RH from 20% to 60%, maintaining a RH between 40% and 60% indoors may help to limit the spread and survival of SARS-CoV-2 within the BE, while minimizing the risk of mold growth and maintaining hydrated and intact mucosal barriers of human occupants (50, 67). Indoor humidification is not common in most HVAC system designs, largely due to equipment cost and maintenance concerns related to the risk of over humidification increasing the potential of mold growth. While administrators and building operators should consider the costs, merits, and risks of implementing central humidification, especially during new construction or as a retrofit, it may be too time intensive to implement in response to a specific viral outbreak or episode. In addition, increased RH may lead to increased buildup on filters, decreasing airflow. However, in pandemic situations, this practice likely increases the effectiveness of capturing viral particles, and this benefit outweighs the increased filter maintenance required. Therefore, targeted in-room humidification is another option to consider, and this may reduce the likelihood of a maintenance oversight causing over humidification. “

Free Onsite Estimate/Proposal

Now Plantscape Designs Inc is offerring Free onsite etimates & Proposals on your Interior Landscape Designs Massachusetts

Joe Gallo

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Plantscape Designs Inc Interior Landscapes Services New Boston Area Commercial Offices

waltham ma biotechnology office labs

The Most Personalized and Reliable Office Plant Maintenance Available in Bedford

Our goal at Plantscape Designs is to revive Bedford’s offices to have optimal conditions for worker health and productivity. In addition to offering design services, lighting solutions, and plant installation, Plantscape Designs conducts routine office plant maintenance for locations in Bedford and surrounding areas to ensure the health and longevity of all interior gardens. The experts team at Plantscape Designs follow are trained and experienced to use the horticultural practices so that your Bedford office will continue to thrive, equipped with happy and healthy employees. For their expertise in botany and experience in floral design, Plantscape Designs is Bedford’s first choice for all office plant maintenance services.

Bedford’s Local Experts in Office Plant Maintenance

A manicured interior garden has an elegance that attracts the attention of a business’s returning and prospective clients. But that’s not the only benefit that office plant maintenance can have for your Bedford company; studies show that those who work in offices with natural light, live plants, and indoor greenery exhibit higher levels of productivity. Moreover, indoor greenery is associated with increase creativity and lower rates of absenteeism. Call Plantscape Designs today and let our office plant maintenance transform your Bedford office.

Social- Distancing- Barriers- using -Interior- office -Plants- & Planters-

“Hologic Corporation has partnered with Plantscape designs Inc staff for over 10 years . Their weekly service & free replacement green plant guarantee is always consistent and dependable”

Jayne Barrett

office manager Crosby Drive Bedford, MA

Free Estimate Onsite Visit

Free Onsite Estimates & Proposal Designs for your Interior Office Work place


Once again this is how we operate our service in the Boston & Vicinity since March 2020 with over 100 clients.

We follow the CDC guidelines: That means the following:

1. We wear face masks all the time

2. We wash our hands with soap all the time to help dissolve the outer layer of the Trump virus or Covid19 virus outer fatty layer from the center protein body layer

3. We take our temperatures before we go to work all the time

4. We do not work nor enter your office if we are sick ie; coughing, sneezing, fever, body achy feeling

5. We provide latex glovers for all our employees

6. We social distance from your clients & employees  by not 6’ but 10’

Interior office plant arrivals & Installation by Plantscape Designs Inc using Ming Aralia plants.

Ming aralia, scientific name Polyscias fruticosa, is a versatile and easy-to-grow houseplant. Belonging to the family, Araliaceae, this evergreen foliage plant is native to India and categorized under shrubs and bushes. Some botanists refer to ming aralia as a dwarf tree, especially because of its variable height. Commercially, ming aralia propagation is done by stem cuttings, root cuttings and air-layering. Nevertheless, when the plant is in its active state (during summer), propagation by suckers is usually practiced. With basic ming aralia care, you can maintain a healthy foliage and a disease free plant. Read more on identifying different types of evergreen shrubs and evergreen and flowering shrubs.
Ming Aralia Care
The evergreen trifoliate leaves and unique branching pattern are notable features of the ming aralia plant. The branches are developed at regular intervals in the upright stem, giving it a symmetrical canopy shape. Depending upon the cultivar, the leaf shape is either obovate or lanceolate. Small inconspicuous flowers are developed in summer. Speaking about ming aralia plant care, it is an outstanding decorative houseplant that requires minimal maintenance. Some of the basic tips for ming aralia plant care are discussed follow:
Soil Type
For planting ming aralia, you can use a general potting mixture. It can be planted in different types of soil, as long as the soil is loose, well drained and rich in nutrients. As this houseplant cannot tolerate either water logged or dry soil, it is essential to add peat moss, loam and sand in the potting mixture. For preparing the soil mixture on your own, add one part each of garden soil, humus and perlite or coarse sand. You can use small amount of lime dust to avoid acidic soil.
The ming aralia plant thrives well in partial sunlight. When maintained indoors, the ming aralia performs best in bright however, indirect sunlight. Hence, for better growth of this evergreen houseplant, you can place them in a direction facing a window that receives sunlight. In case, you are living in a cold climatic region, use artificial light occasionally, particularly in winter months.
The favorable temperature range for ming aralia care is 60-85 degrees Fahrenheit. This houseplant cannot tolerate extreme cold conditions. Extreme cold (below 60 degrees Fahrenheit) for a prolonged period can cause the leaves to discolor and drop. Hence, make sure you maintain the temperature is above 60 degrees Fahrenheit.
A medium to high humidity level is ideal for growing ming aralia. A prolonged low humidity condition can lead to yellowing and falling of leaves. A dry environment may cause this plant to lose all its leaves. You can use a room humidifier in order to maintain the preferable humidity level for ming aralia.
Watering the ming aralia tree should be done in such a way that the top portion of the soil remains moist. Regular irrigation is advisable during warm and growing seasons. To be precise, maintain moist soil between two waterings. You can cut down on the watering in winters, when the plant is in its inactive phase. Over-watering can cause water logging and damage of the root system.
You can use balanced liquid fertilizers that are rich in essential plant nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) and trace nutrients in the growing period. Fertilizing this houseplant thrice during the growing season is sufficient for proper growth. During winter, you can supplement the plant with compost.
Repotting ming aralia plant can be performed at any time throughout the summer months. While transplanting, special care should be taken so that the delicate roots are not damaged. As the roots are not so extensive, you can replant them in another pot of the same size as the current one.
Plant Problems
Leaf staining is a common ming aralia problem, caused as a result of dry soil and extreme cold climates. Common pests that infest ming aralia plants include spider mites, aphids, mealy bugs and very rarely, scale. In order to keep pests under control, you can use appropriate pesticides. In case, you are not sure about the pest type, get it checked by a horticulturist and then apply the pesticides.
At Plantscape Designs Inc. we always implement the use of ming araleas in our Bedford, MA and Lexington, MA officescapes and cityscapes.
Social Distancing Barriers using Interior office Plants & Planters

I am writing to you in regards to the degree of service PDI has provided since taking over our office space.

Since the first discussion on the phone, the prompt and professional manner in which PDI has handled our needs can be commended

I just want to say thank you to all on the PDI Staff for a job well done.”

Sincerely, Stephen P. Bogosh

Comptroller/ facilities

Joe Gallo

781.279.0032 x101


Bromeliads are coming, bromeliads are coming Burlington, MA

Bromeliads are coming, bromeliads are coming Burlington, MA

Plantscape Designs Inc Provides:
1. Free consultation for office plant assessments Burlington, MA
2. Friendly and fast installations and replacements.
3. Weekly service and lifetime guarantee of our plants Burlington, MA
4. Prices that are hard to beat in Burlington, MA


Bromeliads are flowering interior office plants Burlington, MA

1. These colorful botanicals can perk up your office interiors. 

2. These long lasting epiphytes, plants like orchids that grow above ground, supported non parasitically by another plant or object, and deriving its nutrients and water from rain, the air or dust are much less costly then cut flowers. 

3. PDI Plants services office plants in the Burlington  MA area. 

4. Bromeliads come in endless varieties. Bromeliads can be grouped with other tropicals to form colorful lasting corporate table arrangements Burlington, MA

Bromeliads are a varied group of organisms, adapted to a number of climates. Foliage take different shapes and colors.
Tillandsia are epiphytic bromeliads
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Burlington, MA

Plantscape Designs Provides Commercial Office Plants and Maintenance for Burlington Businesses

Let Plantscape Designs enhance your environment. Call (781) 279-0032 today to get started!

Burlington’s Best Office Plant Maintenance Experts

Plantscape Designs merges floriculture, botany, and aesthetic design principles to enhance office spaces for occupants in and around Burlington. Employees and customers alike will appreciate the improved air quality and enhanced atmosphere provided by the interior gardens of Plantscape Designs. Research consistently demonstrates that a pleasant and healthy work environment dramatically affects employee performance. When employees feel happy at work, absenteeism is reduced, productivity increases, and increased profits ensue. Plantscape Designs’ office plant maintenance programs include features such as greenery and sunlight to improve air quality, aesthetic appeal, and comfort within a built environment. Trust Plantscape Designs with all of your office plant maintenance needs in the Burlington area.

A Variety of Office Plant Maintenance Services in One Location Convenient to Burlington

Office plant maintenance means different things to different people. Some will settle for nothing less than a full-scale indoor garden, while others prefer a couple of modest planters to add an aesthetic touch to a room. Plantscape Designs caters to the full range of Burlington customers’ needs. Moreover, Plantscape Designs takes care to educate our Burlington clients regarding the best design options for the size, lighting, and layout of their space, while also taking into account a client’s unique vision. For services from hanging wall gardens to coordinated planters, Plantscape Designs is Burlington’s most trusted source for office plant maintenance.

Complimentary Estimate and Proposal for your interior corporate offices

Free estimates Onsite proposals for your Interior Office Landscaping

Plantscape Designs has satisfactorily maintained the interior plant materials at Burlington MAll for over three years.

Unlike most Commercial installations, our building is open to the general public more than 80 hours a week thus, subjecting our plantings to unusual circumstances .

Plantscape Designs Inc continues to respond to our needs for the varied plant materials in the building.



Randy R. Lapides

General Manager

Joe Gallo

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Interior Office Plant Pothos: The Most Popular Versatile Indoor Office Plants Installed in Our Watertown, MA Corporate Offices.

Pothos: The Most Popular Versatile Indoor Office Plants Installed By PDI in Our Boston Area , MA Corporate Offices.
Mimecast, 480 Pleasant Street, Watertown, MA

Mimecast provides an integrated email cloud subscription service which delivers comprehensive email risk management for their clients in  MA.

Because of their limited space, Plantscape Designs, Inc. has provided them with myriad plants in tall stylish Lechuza Cubico plant containers. This economical plant presentation gives the perception of having larger or taller mature green office plants in MA.

We have tight quarters here. These tall cylinders from PDI allow us to purchase smaller, less expensive green plants reducing our maintenance guarantee costs. The taller planters display these as if they were more expensive interior green trees with more height. We also have taller large trees as well.
— Kayla Keefe, Office Manager, Mimecast, MA

Why Plantscape Designs Inc Uses Trace Elements in our Plant Fertilizer Boston MA

Plantscape Designs Inc. uses liquid plant food with trace elements for the following reasons:

1.Sulfur for building part plant proteins, coenzyme A, thiamine, and biotin
2. Magnesium forbuilding part of chorophyll, activates numerour enzymes, maintains struture of ribosomes.
3.Calcium is essential in the synthesis and stability of middle lamella, maintains structure and pereability of membranes
4.Iron is essential part of cytochromes,ferredoxin and an activator of certain enzymes
5. Chlorine activates photosynthetic enzymes
6.Manganese helps in the formation of amino acids, activates many enzymes, is an electron carrier, and catalyst.
7. Boron is involved with carbohydrate translocation
8. Zinc helps chlorophyll formation and indoleacetic acid production
9. Copper is an electron carrier, part of certain enzymes and nitrate reduction
10. Molybdenum is an electron carrier and essential in nitrogen fixation
Plantscape Designs Inc currently uses this liqiud green plant fertilizer in all of our current interior cityscapes in the Boston, MA area.
Boston Offices Green Plants

Plantscape Designs Inc Partners with Ministry of Supply On Newbury Street, Boston, MA ; Interior Office Plant Designs


Boston Offices Green Plants

#Science for Better By Ministry of Supply Newbury Street/ Boston, MA

As a company centered around using science to unlock your life’s work, we also believe in its power to affect positive change on a larger scale. Science for Better is the mantra that guides our purpose and perspective—these initiatives and partnerships are part of an ongoing commitment to helping create a better world.

Kinetic Adaptiveº

“Clothes should make your life easier” has long been our mantra. Using our high-performing, award-winning Kinetic fabric, we designed our Adaptive pants in collaboration with world-class athletes with an inclusive focus on easy dressing, comfort and style. Adaptive is engineered and extensively tested for wheelchair riders with a focus on comfort and easy wear, using high-performing Kinetic fabric.

Going Zero°

Clothing production is one of the biggest contributors to carbon emissions. We want to change that. We built the Aero Zero°, the earth’s first carbon neutral dress shirt. 100% recycled, 0% Net Carbon Footprint.

Plantscape Designs Inc Partners with Ministry of Supply both in their Mission Statment of new cloths production and designing with our indoor office plants to further enhance their retail stores success.

Joe Gallo

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Discover the Health Benefits of Plants in an Office Space

Live plants have a long-recognized health benefits that are both physical and mental. Plant systems clean the air by decreasing carbon dioxide from between 10-25%. Additionally, plants remove toxins such as benzene and formaldehyde from the air. This means that humans can breathe easier in offices and homes with plants. Live plants also add humidity. Furthermore, even a modest, medium-sized plant can make a dramatic difference in the quality of the air that a room’s occupants breathe. The health benefits of plants also include a demonstrable reduction (of up to 30%) of neuropsychological symbols—such as headaches and fatigue).

Health Benefits in the Post-Pandemic World

Since the year 2020 and beyond, office plants have represented an added health benefit in interior spaces: social distancing. Not only can plants minimize distracting chatter by means of dampening noise, they can also aid employee health by promoting social distancing. The COVID-19 pandemic has presented significant challenges for many American business with respect to returning to the workplace. Interior plantscapes, when artfully designed and strategically placed, can minimize the spread of contagions by serving as barriers. Finally, the psychological health benefits of plants are irrefutable; the presence of natural plants helps a room’s occupants to focus and decreases stress levels. Science and facts are what guide Plantscape Designs Inc in our above statements.

Joe Gallo

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New Findings :Indoor Office Plants Help Create A Healthier Office Workplace Boston -Cambridge, MA

New Findings :Plantscape Designs Inc. Indoor Office Plants Help Create A Healthier Office Workplace In Our Cambridge Area Corporate Interior Offices of Massachusetts 

Sanserveria  indoor green plant cleans office air; Fact


Material distributed by the Plants for Clean Air Council demonstrates that plants remove pollutants in varying quantities. The council recommends one potted plant for each 100 square feet of floor space.


A more recent report (2015) by Professor Sir Cary Cooper and his team at Robertson Cooper called Human Spaces: The Global Impact of Biophilic Design in the Workspace, examines the relationship between humans and nature, which can be a critical determinant of their work performance and interactions with others.


A few quotes from the report follow:
“In today’s contemporary built environment, people are increasingly isolated from the beneficial experience of natural systems and processes. Yet it is often natural settings that people find particularly appealing and aesthetically pleasing. So, by mimicking these natural environments within the workplace, we can create workspaces that are imbued with positive emotional experiences. It is often the case that we don’t take enough time to immerse ourselves in nature or appreciate the living systems that exist everywhere around us, making it vital for us to incorporate nature into our day-to-day environments.”Cambridge, MA


13& higher-level of well-being reported by workers in environments with natural elements such as greenery and sunlight
“At work, when we focus our attention on a demanding task, factors in our environment that disrupt us can lead to mental fatigue. However, workspaces that incorporate nature provide more tranquil settings that allow for more effortless attention that is less mentally draining and may indeed restore – rather than deplete – our mental capacity. In academia, this is referred to as Attention Restoration Theory, which posits that viewing and experiencing nature engages a different part of the brain from that used in high attentional focus. It is therefore concluded that environments dominated by elements of nature are thought to be more beneficial to the individual. This point emphasizes the impact of nature on our cognitive capabilities, suggesting that by providing nature contact within the workspace, organizations can ensure consistent levels of job performance within their workforce.”Cambridge, MA

Some of the summary findings include:


Those who worked in offices that provided natural light, live plants, and indoor and outdoor green space reported significantly higher levels of productivity across the globe.
Greenery in the office, such as plants and green walls, was associated with higher levels of creativity.
An absence of greenery both within the workspace and in the immediate outdoor environment was associated with higher levels of employee stress.
Workspaces where individuals had no natural light or greenery report higher levels of sickness absence.

Free estimates free floor designs call Joe Gallo 781.279.0032 ext 101

Plantscape Designs Inc : Mimecast Lobby Flowering Programs
Bedford MA Offices Green Plants
Social Distancing Using Live PLants
Boston Offices Green Plants

Just some of the services Plantscape Designs Inc Provides: Yes we are a Massachusetts Interior Office Plant Weekly Service.

1.   Free Commercial Consultations, Estimates, Proposals for indoor office plants Cambridge, MA

2. Flowering Plant Rotations for your Commercial Office Reception Desks Cambridge, MA

3. Weekly office plant maintenance & guarantee Cambridge, MA

4.  Green Plant Company servicing Commercial offices locally Cambridge, MA

5. Indoor Planter Design and Renovation for indoor offices Cambridge, MA

6. Lexington , MA Living Tropical Plant Installation and Care for inside offices Cambridge, MA

7. Living Plant wall design and Installation for inside offices Cambridge, MA

8.  Lifelike Silk Plant Design and Installation for interior offices Cambridge, MA

9.  Sale and Maintenance of indoor tropical plant and flowers for your offices green living Cambridge MA

10  Care and design of your interior office greenery Cambridge, MA

11.  Commercial Office Indoor office plant Greenery Weekly Service Cambridge MA

12. Living Office Plant Rentals Cambridge, MA

13. Office Plant Care Eco friendly Cambridge, MA

14. Office Plant Service green living Cambridge, MA

“During our long business relationship, I have often told you how pleased I have been with the service of Brian and your PDI Staff have provided to MIT campus. Your design work, quality and variety of plants has been tp drawer.”

Keep up the good work!


Kevin Davis

Senior facilities staff

Joe Gallo

781.279.0032 x101