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Free Quotes for Christmas / Holiday Decorations & Poinsettias for Interior Offices Boston, Massachusetts .

Why Kontos systemic is good for your thrip infested Corporate Office Plants Boston, Massachusetts 

1. PDI Plants of Boston MA has had thrip insect infected office plants come up from Florida growers for years just as other interior landscapers have had in the Boston interior office cityscapes.

2. Plantscape Designs Inc usual response to such annoying destructive invasive pests on our clients indoor office plants is to use predatory biologicals such as thrip eliminator. Thrip insect is a predatory insect that feeds just on this nasty pest and then dies off not harming your office plants nor your clients.
3. Thrip insect is also very costly to interior landscapers as well to the service cost of their office plant clients monthly fees. Visit our for more info.
4. Kontos systemic can help lower interior landscaper costs for themselves as well as for their interior plantscape customers. Applied knowledgeably and safely.
5. At Plantscape Designs Inc of Boston, MA our knowledgeable staff will safely choose the correct answer for your interior pest problems having 46 years of in the field experience with decisions such as these.

Holiday/ Christmas Poinsettias & Decorations Are Here!

Poinsettias and Christmas Wreaths Trees and Fresh Garland delivered and Installed by Plantscape Designs Inc

“We are overcrowded here in this particular office. We do not have the floor space for plants, just cubicles. These top-mounted planter boxes with assorted species of interior green plants add to the beauty of our office place and do not take up much room! However, our lobby displays the latest planter designs PDI can offer.”
– Holly Condon, Phoenix Tissue Repair

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Bedford, MA Interior Office Plants Cleaning Your Air of Carcinogens with Live Green Office Plants.

Bedford, MA Interior Office Plants Cleaning Your Air of Carcinogens By Plantscape Designs Inc. 

Tall Narrow Elegant Office air cleaning plant

Live plants are an eco-friendly supplement to your office furnishings that improve your indoor air quality, reduce sick building syndrome, improve morale, and add life to building interiors. Studies have shown that employee productivity can improve with the addition of live interior plants in any office setting. A tasteful combination of indoor plants reflect a well managed, professional company; one that cares about its employees. Office plants offer the best return on investment for any supplemental office decor. We offer affordable interior landscaping programs for your office in Bedford, MA
Lind tree office Plant
Topiary OfficeplantLemon/ Lime Warniki
Cat Palm Filling in Corner Office Space

As the Winter Flu season continues to pack a punch for some Americans, new research suggests there might be a simple way to reduce the risk for infection in an indoor setting: hike up humidity levels.

By raising indoor relative humidity levels to 43 percent or above, investigators reported that they were able to quickly render 86 percent of airborne virus particles powerless.

Indoor Office Plants assist in increasing higher humidity within your office workplace.

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Free onsite estimates, proposals and Designs for your offices

Free onsite estimates, proposals and Designs for your interior landscaping needs using live green office plants by Plantscape Designs Inc of Massachusetts 

Before & After Indoor Plants Placed in A Bedford MA Bank Reception.

Interior Plant Design Inc Before & After Indoor Plants Bedford, MA Bank Reception.

Before Lifeless Bank Reception
After Interior live office Mahogany plants
Microsoft Corporation, Cambridge, MA
Plantscape Designs, Inc. provides and maintains the office plants at Microsoft Corporation’s corporate office at One Cambridge Center in Cambridge,
Many of our interior landscaping design clients here in Boston are Feng Shui-oriented; a common technique is to use rounded-leaved plants, as they are considered to be buffers against sources of negative energy such as sharp corners.
Please consider taking a look through our design gallery to see some of our work.
Interested in finding out what PDI can do for your office? Fill out a form to get a free visual proposal, or call us at 781-279-0032. ext 102

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Wow what a difference in our office with live green office plants and monthly flower rotations by Plantscape Designs Inc.

It is much more pleasant to work here now. The office internal air quality has gone up as well because of these dozens of green plants filtering out carcinogenic airborne chemical emitted from photocopiers, carpet adhesives and chemicals released from wall and ceiling paints.”

Francis Redmond

facilities manager

Fujii Film

Bedford, MA

Free On Site Proposal & estimate of your Interior Office Plant Needs

Bedford MA Plantscape Designs Inc  now offers free proposals and estimate for designing your office with interior office plants

Together, we are learning how to live in a coronavirus world. Many of your employees have begun the process of returning to work in an office, and others will be soon. Plantscape Designs Inc Staff  understands the uncertainty and responsibility around creating a safe and adaptable workspace that follows state guidelines. We want to help our customers function in this new environment. The return to offices will bring corporate office interior design that will look a great deal different than before. But, don’t worry. Our expert interior Biophilic designers can help you redesign your office space to function well despite concern about coronavirus.

Designing office space in a coronavirus world can be cumbersome . Let our staff help you design your interior office plants according to your office social distancing needs.

Ask us about Social Distancing within your office using interior office plant designs by Plantscape DEsigns Inc

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Plantscape Designs Inc of Massachusetts Office plant care specialists Watertown, MA


Enanta Pharma Chooses Plantscape Design Inc for Office plant care Contractors Watertown, MA

Plantscape Designs Inc Provides:
1. Free consultation for office plant assessments Watertown, MA
2. Friendly and fast installations and replacements.
3. Weekly service and lifetime guarantee of our plants Watertown, MA

4. Prices that are hard to beat in Watertown, MA

Main entrance of Enanta Pharma Watertown, MA


Enanta Pharma selects PDI #officeplantspecialists. The entrance of Enanata has a tall contemporary cubico planter sprinkled with neon lemon/ lime pothos, yellow Kalanchoe, flowering spathiphyllum and tall double purple phalaeonopsis orchid.



At Plantscape Designs Inc., we are your interior landscaper for all your indoor office plant care, maintenance and design needs Watertown, MA

Plantscape Designs Inc Provides:
1. Free consultation for office plant assessments.
2. Friendly and fast installations and replacements.
3. Weekly service and lifetime guarantee of our plants Watertown, MA
4. Prices that are hard to beat in Watertown, MA

call joe gallo Tel. 781.279.0032 ext 101



PDI Plantscapes Inc. has been proudly servicing the Watertown, MA and Northshore area for over 46 years. Plantscape Designs  is run by Joe Gallo who is a educated botanist and has authored books on plant care. He loves serving his customers and educating them about the benefits of plants. 

Plantscape Designs Inc. of Massachusetts services the following area cities and towns in Massachusetts:

Please visit this website

Watertown, MA Burlington, MA Wilmington, MA Billerica, MA Needham, MA





Colorful  Anthuriums

Too often, plants are considered an afterthought in modern design. They are considered an accessory rather than an architectural fixture. When a true effort is made to embed living greenery within a built environment, the effect is palpable. Plantscape Designs uses features such as vertical gardens of wall-mounted plants (so-called “living walls”) to bring the outdoors in. Living walls can be incorporated into stairwells, baths, and conference rooms to improve the occupants’ mood and increase productivity. Plantscape Designs features a number of other available options, including colorful bromeliad designs, hardy succulent arrangements, or simple pothos planters. Call the expert horticultural technicians at Plantscape Designs and enhance your surroundings—and lifestyle—today.Watertown, MAss

Enanta Pharmaceuticals, 500 Arsenal Street, Watertown MA

Enanta Pharmaceuticals is a research and development-focused biotechnology company that uses its robust chemistry-driven approach and drug discovery capabilities to create small molecule drugs for viral infections and liver diseases.

To incorporate both esthetics as well as air-cleaning properties, Plantscape Designs, Inc. created for them a living wall, installed myriad green office plants, and periodically deliver fresh flowering plants as a part of their flowering plant program subscription. Plantscape Designs, Inc. also takes care of their weekly plant maintenance needs.

Safety, clean air in both our labs and offices are paramount concerns for our employees. Both the living walls and esthetic flower rotations in our main lobby solve these issues.
— Jeffrey Higgins, Associate Director, Enanta Pharmaceuticals, Watertown, MA

Monthly Green Office Plant Service Special

Special Offer

$99 Introductory Maintenance Special Take advantage of our great way to start on a path to enhancing your office environment with live, green plants. Our $99 introductory maintenance special includes weekly service for only $99.00 a month, when you purchase four floor plants and two tabletop plants in our contemporary cylinder containers, for your reception, conference room and/or common area for a limited time only! Please feel free to contact us or call our Plantscape Designs team at 781-279-0032.

Joe Gallo

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Testimonials Andover Massachusetts Sarepta Pharmaceuticals

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your staff’s services and recognize the work of all of you at Plantscape Designs Inc.

Your staff was very faithful in being here every week. They came in quietly and quickly making their weekly rounds. They have always kept me informed of any schedule changes or if a particular plant needed to be replaced. They took care of working with your office to make the flowering arrangements.

I never have to think about the maintenance of the office greenery . I consistently get compliments on the good health of the plants on the office.I would definitely recommend your staff to my next employer.”


Anne Doucet

office manager

Vender Alliance

Testimonials Andover MA Vender Alliance

“We wish to thank you for sending your PDI staff to us to care for the plants in our office. We commend them for their attention and weekly care of the plants. Since your staff has been servicing us , the plants are shiny , healthy and beautiful . Before we switched services the plants looked tired and malnourished.

Your staff is alway pleasant and comes in with a smile. They have educated all of us in the proper care of plants. Your staff exudes enthusiasm , and we can tell they truly love their work.

Please convey our appreciation to your staff at Plantscape Designs Inc.”

Yours truly,

Mary Ward

office supervisor

Testimonials Andover MA DSA Systems

To the Staff of Plantscape Designs:

“Reference is made to the services that Plantscape Designs Inc, Has provided to DSA Systems of Andover MA during this past year. The intent of this letter of this letter is to bring to your attention our appreciation in the efforts that you your staff and your company have put forth to us in overdoing what has been requested by you.

It is my pleasure to recommend the services of Plantscape Designs Inc to other associates inthe real estate industry and as such if I can assist you in any way in accomplishing or expanding your business, please do not hesitate to contact me”

all the best,

john Blaney

Senior property manager

Testimonial Andover MA Zwicker Assoc.

To the Staff of Plantscape Designs Inc:

“We have been using Plantscape Designs Inc for one year now and are very pleased with your work performance.

You service all our plants on a weekly basis and they seem to be flourishing and growing at a great pace.

We would not hesitate to recommend PDI to anyone who is interested in using your service.”


Christine Freides

office manager

Testimonials Wellesley MA Grove Services

” I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the services provided to Grove Services of Wellesley MA.In particular, the maintenance of the plants provided by Plantscape Designs Inc. and the courtesies extended by your employees are exemplary. Your products are extremely professional and provide the environment that we , at Grove Services ,feel to be appropriate for our business.”

best regards,

Glenn Bolduc

Vice President of Finance

Plantscape Designs Inc Bromeliads Add to your Interior Office Clean Air Environment Tewksbury, MA

interior flower ing rotation; inside plant care and maintenance
Guzmania Red Bromeliad
plant care and maintenance; office plant care;
PInk Guzmania Bromeliad

New Bromeliads from PDI Tewksbury, MA

1. The Bromeliaceae (the bromeliads) are a family of monocot flowering plants of around 3,170 species native mainly to the tropical Americas, with a few species found in the American subtropics and one in tropical west Africa Pitcairnia feliciana . These inferior ovaries characterize the bromelioideae, a subfamily of the Bromeliaceae. 
2.The family includes both epiphytes, such as Spanish moss ( Tillandsia usneoides), and terrestrial species, such as the pineapple (Ananas comosus). Many bromeliads are able to store water in a structure formed by their tightly-overlapping leaf bases. 
3.However, the family is diverse enough to include the tank bromeliads, grey-leaved epiphyte Tiallandsia  species that gather water only from leaf structures called trichomes, and a large number of desert-dwelling succulents.
The largest bromeliad is Puya raimondii, which reaches 3–4 m tall in vegetative growth with a flower spike 9–10 m tall, and the smallest is Spanish moss.


Neo Bromeliads Voodo
1. Bromeliads are plants that are adapted to a number of climates. Foliage takes different shapes, from needle-thin to broad and flat, symmetrical to irregular, spiky to soft. The foliage, which usually grows in a rosette is widely patterned and colored. Leaf colors range from maroon, through shades of green, to gold. Varieties may have leaves with red, yellow, white and cream variations. Others may be spotted with purple, red, or cream, while others have different colors on the tops and bottoms of the leaves.
2. The  inflorescences produced by bromeliads are also regarded as considerably more diverse than any other plant family. Some flower spikes may reach 10 meters tall, while others only measure 2–3 mm across. Upright stalks may be branched or simple with spikes retaining their color from two weeks up to 12 months, depending on species. In some species, the flower remains unseen, growing deep in the base of the plants.
3. Root systems vary according to plant type. Terrestrial bromeliad species have complex root systems that gather water and nutrients, while epiphytic  bromeliads only grow hard, wiry roots to attach themselves to trees and rocks.
Epiphytic tillandsia


Bromeliad Flower at US Botanic Garden

4. Some bromeliads are faintly scented, while others are heavily perfumed. Blooms from the species Tillandsia cyanea  have a fragrance resembling that of clove spice.
5. One study found 175,000 bromeliads per hectare (2.5 acres) in one forest; that many bromeliads can sequester 50,000 liters (more than 13,000 gallons) of water.
6. A wide variety of organisms takes advantage of the pools of water trapped by bromeliads. A study of 209 plants from the Ecuadorian low lands identified 11,219 animals, representing more than 300 distinct species, many of which are found only on bromeliads. Examples include some species of ostracods, small salamanders about 2.5 cm (1 in) in length, and tree frogsJamaican bromeliads are home to Metopaulias depressus, a reddish-brown crab 2 cm (0.75 inch) across, which has evolved social behavior to protect its young from predation by Diceratobasis macrogaster, a species of damselfly whose larvae live in bromeliads. Some bromeliads even form homes for other species of bromeliads.

Bromeliads growing on telephone lines ini Bolivia


1. Plants in the Bromeliaceae are widely represented in their natural climates across the Americas. One species can be found in Africa. They can be found at altitudes from sea level to 4200 meters, from rainforests to deserts. Approximately half the species are epiphytes, some are lithophytes, and some are terrestrial. Accordingly, these plants can be found in the Andean highlands, from northern Chile to Colombia, in the Sechura Desert of coastal Peru, in the cloud forests of Central and South America, in southern United States from southern Virginia to Florida to Texas, and in far southern Arizona.



1. Bromeliads are among the more recent plant groups to have emerged. The greatest number of primitive species resides in the Andrean highlands of South America. 

Adaptations (physiological)1. Bromeliads are able to live in a vast array of environmental conditions due to their many adaptations. Trichomes, in the form of scales or hairs, allow bromeliads to capture water in cloud forests and help to reflect sunlight in desert environments. Some bromeliads have also developed an adaptation known as the tank habit, which involves them forming a tightly bound structure with their leaves that helps to capture water and nutrients in the absence of a well-developed root system. Bromeliads also use  crassulacean acid metabolism(CAM) photosynthesis to create sugars. This adaptation allows bromeliads in hot or dry climates to open their stomates at night rather than during the day, which reduces water loss.

Plantscape Designs Inc. currently designs with all of the above varieties of species of bromeliads making for a more interesting interior green plant interiorscape in Tewksbury, MA.

PDI of mass has been providing green plant service for over 46 years to the following areas:

    • Boston, MA
    • Cambridge, MA
    • Wakefield, MA
    • Woburn, MA
    • Peabody, MA
    • Wilmington, MA
    • Tewksbury, MA
    • Methuen, MA
    • Needham, MA
    • Andover, MA
    • Dedham, MA 
    • Andover, MA
    • Concord, MA
    • Acton, MA
    • Westford, MA
    • Chelmsford, MA
    • Billerica, MA
    • Burlington,MA
    • Bedford, MA
    • Lexington, MA
    • Wellesley, MA
    • Watertown, MA
    • Lynnfield, MA
    • Danvers, MA
    • Saugus, MA
    • Beverly, MA
    • Salem, MA
    • Reading, MA
    • North Reading, MA
    • Marlboro, MA
    • Southboro, MA
    • Northboro, MA
    • Stoneham, MA

    “Interior Landscaping & Office Plants
    Plantscape Designs, Inc. has serviced numerous corporations in the past ten years in the town of Tewksbury MA. These long-standing clients included the Holiday Inn and high tech companies such as Thrive Networks, CompuCom, Starrent, and Ciber corporation (who was bought out by Oracle, a current client).

    We used many indoor green tropical plants in their interior landscaping designs to both beautify and clean their office air of carcinogens.”

    Colorful  Bromeliads

    Just some of the services Plantscape Designs Inc Provides:

    1.  Tewksbury, MA Free Commercial Consultations for indoor office plants 

    2.Tewksbury, MA Flowering Plant Rotations for your Commercial Office Reception Desks 

    3.Tewksbury , MA Weekly office plant maintenance & guarantee

    4.Tewksbury, MA Green Plant Company servicing Commercial offices locally 

    5.Tewksbury , MA Indoor Planter Design and Renovation for indoor offices 

    6.Tewksbury , MA Living Tropical Plant Installation and Care for inside offices 

    7.Tewksbury, MA Living Plant wall design and Installation for inside offices 

    8.Tewksbury, MA Lifelike Silk Plant Design and Installation for interior offices 

    9.Tewksbury, MA Sale and Maintenance of indoor tropical plant and flowers for your offices green living

    10.Tewksbury , MA Care and design of your interior office greenery 

    11.Tewksbury, MA Commercial Office Indoor office plant Greenery Weekly Service

    12.Tewksbury , MA Living Office Plant Rentals 

    13.Tewksbury , MA Office Plant Care Eco friendly

    14.Tewksbury, MA Office Plant Service green living

    15.Tewksbury, MA Indoor Plant Design, Maintenance & Installation

    16.Tewksbury, MA Indoor Plant Pricing and Design 

    17.Tewksbury, MA Living Wall Installation Care Design

    18.Tewksbury, MA Interior Landscaping & Office Plant Installation

    19.Tewksbury, MA office Plant Servicing with weekly unconditional guarantee free replacement of your interiors cape office plants

    20.Tewksbury, MA Interior Landscape & plant free consulting & free estimates

    Tewksbury , MA office plants

    Joe Gallo

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    Indoor Office Plants Beautify your Office Work Place Peabody, Massachusetts

    Keri Campbell of Biogen Idec says “We are pleased to have had Plantscape Designs provide us with plant service since I’ve been at Syntonix/Biogen Idec . The service is great and the plants are always so bountiful and lovely. It is important for staff to feel that they work in a warm environment and the plants allow for this. We are adding another site in Waltham and it is imperative that we have flowers and plants there. It really spices up the look of the space.”

    Thank you, Keri and the people at Biogen Idec. Both in Boston MA and Waltham MA.

    Two Corporation Way is a Class A office/R&D building located in Centennial Park, a corporate park at the junction of Route 128 and I-95 in Peabody, MA. The building features a 2-story skylit atrium with a Japanese garden, which is maintained by Plantscape Designs, Inc. This Zen Garden features a number of green plants, such as Bamboo, Pittosporum, and Japanese Acorus lily plants. The Bamboo and Pittosporum plants tend to be aggressive growers and need careful and timely pruning to keep them looking their best. The garden also features an automatic water system with a diurnal timer.

    The benefits of these interior office plants are many. Not only do they provide a beautiful, calming landscape environment within this office building, they have multiple health benefits. All out-gassings such as formaldehyde, benzene, and styrenes are neutralized by our indoor green plants.

    “Our Zen Garden is so well cared for by Plantscape Designs Inc.’s General Manager Brian Guilfoyle, that our building’s tenants just love coming to work all year round.”
    — Pat, from Combined Properties (property manager for Two Corporation Way)

    Plantscape Designs Inc Staff maintaining Zen Garden Peabody, MA


    Weekly or Bi-Weekly Flowering Plant Rotation Program

    Our Flowering Plant Rotation Service in Boston and eastern Massachusetts offers a planned program of flowering plants rotated throughout the year and delivered to you on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, depending on your preference. We offer a wide variety of potted plants throughout the year that includes azaleas, bromeliads, kalanchoes, calandivas, mums, hydrangeas and so many more. A few of our selections are shown below:

    • African Violet
    • Bromeliads / Neoregelia
    • Colorful highlight flowering program
    • Kalenchoe
    • Black Calla Lily

    Just some of the services Plantscape Designs Inc Provides:

    1.  Peabody, MA Free Commercial Consultations for indoor office plants 

    2.Peabody, MA Flowering Plant Rotations for your Commercial Office Reception Desks 

    3.Peabody , MA Weekly office plant maintenance & guarantee

    4.Peabody, MA Green Plant Company servicing Commercial offices locally 

    5.Peabody , MA Indoor Planter Design and Renovation for indoor offices 

    6.Peabody , MA Living Tropical Plant Installation and Care for inside offices 

    7.Peabody, MA Living Plant wall design and Installation for inside offices 

    8.Peabody, MA Lifelike Silk Plant Design and Installation for interior offices 

    9.Peabody, MA Sale and Maintenance of indoor tropical plant and flowers for your offices green living

    10. Peabody , MA Care and design of your interior office greenery 

    11.Peabody, MA Commercial Office Indoor office plant Greenery Weekly Service

    12.Peabody , MA Living Office Plant Rentals 

    13.Peabody, MA Office Plant Care Eco friendly

    14.Peabody, MA Office Plant Service green living

    15.Peabody, MA Indoor Plant Design, Maintenance & Installation

    16.Peabody MA Indoor Plant Pricing and Design 

    17.Peabody, MA Living Wall Installation Care Design

    18.Peabody, MA Interior Landscaping & Office Plant Installation

    19.Peabody, MA office Plant Servicing with weekly unconditional guarantee free replacement of your interiors cape office plants

    20.Peabody, MA Interior Landscape & plant free consulting & free estimates

    Peabody , MA office plants

    Joe Gallo

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