Too often, plants are considered an afterthought in modern design. They are considered an accessory rather than an architectural fixture. When a true effort is made to embed living greenery within a built environment, the effect is palpable. Plantscape Designs uses features such as vertical gardens of wall-mounted plants (so-called “living walls”) to bring the outdoors in. Living walls can be incorporated into stairwells, baths, and conference rooms to improve the occupants’ mood and increase productivity. Plantscape Designs features a number of other available options, including colorful bromeliad designs, hardy succulent arrangements, or simple pothos planters. Call the expert horticultural technicians at Plantscape Designs and enhance your surroundings—and lifestyle—today.

Plantscape designs Inc provides many services to our clients:
1. Watering weekly of interior corporate plants Boston, MA
2. designing of corporate interior office plants Boston, MA
3. Plant flower maintenance for interior corporate office plants Boston. MA
4. Corporate Plant and flower services for corporate interior office plants Boston, MA
5. onsite plant and flower services for corporate office plants Boston, MA
6. corporate interior landscapes boston, MA
7. Interior Landscaping Design service care for corporate office green plants Boston, MA
8. Corporate office maintenance, design, care for interior office plants Boston, MA
9. Watering and Interior Landscaping Massachusetts
10. Monthly flowering program arrangements Massachusetts
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