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DRACAENA JANET CRAIG ( Lime Light ) is often described as a low light plant. I would never recommend putting any houseplant in very low light unless you have no other option. Any plant in extremely low light will become weak, leggy and unattractive over time. 
IN THE RIGHT LIGHTING and with proper watering the Janet Craig is a beautiful easy care office plant. Watering guidelines for Dracaena are below.

Watering Dracaena Janet Craig Plant

WITH A 10″ DIAMETER GROW POT or larger, you may need to check the soil with a soil probe before you water. In lower to medium light, let dry down at least 3/4 the depth of the grow pot. In bright light let the potting media dry down about halfway before watering thoroughly.  
LEAF TIPS THAT ARE YELLOW may indicate overwatering problems. Pale new growth with dying tips, rotting roots and stems, soggy growing media are all signs that you are overwatering Dracaena Janet Craig. This is not always reversible so keep this plant more to the dry side. Please do not take that to extremes either!
REMOVE LOWER AND INNER LEAVES as they yellow. Brown tips and leaf margins should be trimmed with sharp, clean scissors to the natural leaf shape. It is normal for a new plant to shed some of its old foliage when it is moved to a new and different environment. You can expect this to some degree with any new plant. Given the proper care, it should acclimate and become a beautiful, trouble free plant.
JANET CRAIG IS AFFECTED by excessive soluble salts (fertilizers) and flouride, which may be present in your water. Symptoms are yellow blotches on the foliage, brown tips and leaf margins. You can help remedy this by leaching the soil and replacing old soil with fresh growing media every year.
KEEP YOUR JANET CRAIG’S FOLIAGE CLEAN and initially keep an eye out for insect problems. Mites, mealybug, thrips and scale can sometimes be a problem but a good wash down with soapy water should be sufficient to control these pests. Just make sure you treat as soon as you notice a problem as they can and will damage your plant.

Plantscape Designs Inc. does not use harmful insecticidal sprays on your indoor green plants.

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