New Carrero Planters with Indoor Office Plants Cambridge, MA
Carrero Planter with Tazan Low Light Indoor Plants

High Light Seifreizzi Palms with Carrero Planter

Carrero Planter with Mahogany low light Indoor Plants

Carrero Planters with low light Staggerred Marginatas 

Hannah McLeod of Applied Inventions in Cambridge, MA statee:

“The staff at Plantscape Designs, Inc. has treated us well with proper weekly interior corporate plant care and design service; Brian and John replace tired looking green indoor plants when needed, always honoring their free guaranteed plant replacement policy; and suggesting appropriate holiday decorating ideas for our offices.”

Frank Kalaba from Fujifilm Exclaims:

“Wow – what a pleasant healthy feeling we all receive here at FUJIFILM Biotechnologies USA each day when we arrive to work! These corporate indoor plants and flowers really make our offices come alive.”
— Cambridge, MA
Plantscape Designs Inc Provides:
1. Free consultation for office plant assessments.
2. Friendly and fast installations and replacements Cambridge,MA
3. Weekly service and lifetime guarantee of our plants.
4. Prices that are hard to beat.
PDI Plantscapes Inc. has been proudly servicing the Cambridge, MA and Northshore area for over 45 years. PDI is run by Joe Gallo who is a educated botanist and has authored books on plant care. He loves serving his customers and educating them about the benefits of plants.

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